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Justice For Fizzoli

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My miniature Yorkie, Fizzoli, was 4 years and 5 months old. He was in perfect health. My wife and I are unable to bear children - so he was our son. 

The morning of 8/29/12, I was awoken by my wife to a horrific sight. There was blood all over our home, my son was lethargic and vomiting foam, and he was pouring blood from his rectum. We immediately grabbed him and ran out the door to his veterinarian. They took 2 sets of blood samples as well as fecal samples. He was current on ALL vaccinations, so we knew it had to be something really terrible to make him so sick. My son laid down on his side and was unable to hold up his head. Within minutes, he began to have a seizure in my arms. The vet rushed him back and began to administer glucose, as his blood sugar was 25. They immediately had him on IVs for hydration as well as a glucose drip to keep him from seizing and going into shock. He was monitored every 10 minutes by a team of three veterinarians. That afternoon, the vet spoke with me and advised I bring Fizzoli to a 24 hr Vet ICU for the night so someone is there with him at all times. He also gave us the diagnosis of Hemmoraghic Gastroenteriris. Laymans terms - his intestines began to self destruct and bleed out, making him septic.The cause of HGE is believed to be tainted proteins, bacteria and possibly chemicals. When the vet went to unhook his IVs and bring him to the ICU, he began to sieze voilently. He was unable to regulate his body temperature, he had neuroligical damage and was unable to regulate pupil dialation. The vet said the words I was fearing the most: It's time.

My wife and I nodded quietly and grabbed eachothers hands. It's time. It's time. It's time. Those words were pounding through my skull, reverberating down to my heart. 

The vet, teary eyed, brought my son in to be with us. I held him close, kissed him and sang to him a song my grandmother sang to me as a child. It always soothed me, so I prayed it soothed him. I wept over his siezing body, screaming for the vet to hurry up and get it over with. It's time. I got real close to his face, kissed him on his hot, dry nose, and began to whisper that childhood lullaby into his ears. He stopped breathing in my arms as the vet came in to give him the shots. The vet wept, and administered the shots anyway, just to make sure it was done as quickly as possible. His stiff body relaxed into me, and I held him, and sang to my son for the next 45 minutes. I told him I was sorry ... sorry for not being more diligent. And vowing to spend every breath I have left to fight in his honor.

Researching - we found THOUSANDS of references to dog deaths from the VERY SAME TREAT FIZZOLI JUST STARTED EATING. Waggin. Train. Jerky. We kept digging, deeper and deeper. We found out that his dry food, Beneful, contained Propylene Glycol. It's a chemical that is used to de-ice planes. Dig deeper. Beggin' Strips, Pupperoni, Canine Carry Outs, Snausages ... EVERY SOFT TREAT HE ATE contained this poison. EVERY dry food he ate contained it. 

We need to stand and hold these companies accountable for these deaths and this heartbreak. We, as a people, are bigger than they are, as a company. We must band together - DEMAND they are accountable. These foods are crafted in China. We all know how many quality items come from China. 

We have to fight. Fight for those who can't fight for themselves. Fight for those who trust us, and who have to live with the guilt of their death. 

Stand with me, in honor of Fizzoli, and fight. 

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