Justice for Elizabeth Santos (Alaska)

Justice for Elizabeth Santos (Alaska)

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This is with regard to a grave abortion of justice. This is on behalf of my sister Elizabeth Omotara Santos, a Florida native residing in Wasilla. My sister was murdered while visiting her friend Lazette Hoglund-Hall (aka "Kiki") in Anchorage, Alaska on August 8th, 2020. Elizabeth just dumped her boyfriend (Dustin Kurpius) of 10 years a few days earlier and was visiting Lazette to clear her head for a few days. My sister was stabbed at least ten times and died due to these injuries in the hospital after being handcuffed and placed into the back of an ambulance upon the arrival of the patrol officers despite her excessive bleeding. 

All evidence collected has helped to indicate that foul play has been involved. Our family has already inquired the local entities such as the Anchorage Police Department and those who have jurisdiction in this matter (i.e. Alaska Bureau of Investigation, the Mayor’s office, local assembly members) and none have produced comprehensive answers or solutions.  

The investigating parties overseeing the case have been exceedingly nonchalant, dismissive, and sarcastic, insisting that the fatal injuries to the torso, upper thigh, and vital organs were self-inflicted, despite inconsistent witness statements, statements from Elizabeth’s close friends and associates who have known her for years who all state that Lazette’s story makes no sense, and that Elizabeth was not violent and not a drug user. The only person interviewed by the APD with anything negative to say about Elizabeth was her ex-boyfriend Dustin Kurpius (who is friends with Desmond Marcus Hall)

The police reports even mention Lazette Hoglund-Hall wiping up blood on the floor when crime scene investigators and officers were present. There were clear signs of a struggle as Lazette had scratches and bruises on her face which stemmed from a physical altercation with Elizabeth minutes before the stabbing. Elizabeth was incoherent when the patrol officers arrived and couldn’t speak clearly because of the excessive internal bleeding. 


 At first, APD insisted that they were treating Lazette and her 22 year old son Desmond Marcus Hall who was home during the assault as suspects and collected extensive forensic evidence such as their fingerprints and DNA swabs. The detective involved in the case (Jeff Bell) and the supervisor of the homicide division (Sgt. Bianca Cross) refuse to process any of these forensics, even fingerprints that would at least determine if my sister’s prints were on any of these weapons. The suspects were released the same day, the suspects were never charged and the case was suspended.

This link to the only news coverage that the incident received:



Our family has reached out to their local media on numerous occasions, yet they continue to bury the story. There have been no reports of the incident as if it never happened at all. I have contacted the Alaska ACLU and even the Alaska Bar Association. They have never returned any of my emails or calls for the past year.

We eventually received photos from the crime scene that were sent after months of waiting that included images of the two knives that the APD said were used in the assault.  Neither of the knives have any blood on them although the police department alleges that my sister used them to stab herself. The APD REFUSES to run fingerprints tests on them

We later received footage from the APD of Lazette Hoglund-Hall and her son Desmond Marcus Hall being driven to the police station shortly after Elizabeth was taken to the hospital handcuffed with multiple stab wounds. This footage shows Desmond not handcuffed – despite being a suspect – and even smiling and laughing in the backseat of the cop car.


Something that is also strange is that when the ambulance arrived on the scene, they did not depart immediately despite the extent of Elizabeth’s injuries. Instead, they waited 37 minutes before leaving the crime scene to go to the hospital.

There is no reason whatsoever why all of this information should have been dismissed.  In addition, Lazette has a criminal record that includes multiple assaults 

I also have the recorded interrogation audio between Lazette and an investigating officer (Det. Jason Deville) in which Lazette makes multiple contradictions to her story. 


Me and my family want justice for my sister Elizabeth and want this case to be reopened and properly investigated.


 Alaska Police Department (APD) Case #: 20-24631

For a more detailed overview of the case please watch:

Deep Dive [Part 1]: https://youtu.be/Q7xVHBpY-04

Deep Dive [Part 2]: https://youtu.be/oTZ3mYCl1SY


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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!