To Reopen the Elijah McClain Of Aurora case

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Mike Coffman,

It has been brought to our attention that Elijah McClain
Died at the hands of 3 Aurora Police officers in August of 2019
No Charges
No convictions
Case closed

I want you to please understand that police officers will continue to be neglectful, forceful, overly and excessively abuse their authorized, authoritative privilege if they are not held accountable. Police officers of the City of Aurora need to be just as delicate with the lives of others as the citizens of the city are expected to be. Protect and Serve does not and should not mean “kill and call it protecting.”

In no way do I want this to come off as a threat. But I want you to know if this is swept under the rug, if this is continued to be something police are doing, the city will not take it anymore. I, myself, have not been apart of the riots but I want you to know that they’re happening because people are fed up of injustice.  

And I think if politicians do their part to put police officers in a place of accountability

Then people won’t be out here messing the streets up
Burning down businesses
People are hurting
Mr. Coffman
Now is the time you could really help and be apart of history to stop these injustices from happening and holding those accountable who have taken lives and caused eternal pain!
Please do something!