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Justice for Dog with Face Ripped Off in Cruel Badger Baiting 'Sport'

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In a sickening case of animal cruelty, a dog was abandoned in Warrington, England with a huge piece of flesh ripped from his lower jaw. Authorities think the dog, now named Herbie, was forced into “badger-baiting” -- a bloodsport in which dogs are sent to dig up badgers and then fight them to entertain humans.

Badgers are usually docile, but when a predator invades their territory, they will fight. At the end of these bloody battles, the badgers are either killed by the dog or beaten to death by the human onlookers. As in this disturbing case, the dogs are often terribly injured, too.

The brutal sport of badger-baiting was outlawed in 1835, but that hasn’t stopped cruel underground rings from continuing the bloodshed. Baiters usually leave the injured dog somewhere inconspicuous so the crime won't be traced back to them. This is what happened with Herbie, who was found in a garden and brought to the RSPCA for treatment. Herbie was in immense pain, and will be permanently scarred from the ordeal.

Sign this petition to urge the RSPCA to make it a top priority to find Herbie’s abusers and stop the badger-baiters from hurting any more animals. All individuals involved in this horrific bloodsport must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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