Justice for Dog Thrown in Trash Bag and Left to Die by Police Officer

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When a good samaritan in Philadelphia, PA, took a walk through Wisshackon Valley Park last November, they saw something very unusual. What at first glance appeared to be an ordinary trash bag with something sticking out from the top turned out to be a dog clinging to life.

The 3-year-old pup, wrapped in a sheet, was reduced to skin and bones due to extended starvation. But the dog was still alive.

The dog, named Cranberry, was rushed to a medical treatment facility by local animal law enforcement. There, Cranberry was scanned for a microchip -- and a match came up for Officer Michael Long of the Philadelphia Police Department.

A search of Long's home turned up a sheet matching the one found at the crime scene, and on Thursday Long was finally arrested and charged with three counts of animal cruelty and one count of possession of an instrument of crime.

Long is currently out on bail, and has been suspended from his duties as a police officer. 

Justice must be served for this torture and attempted murder of an innocent dog. Please sign the petition urging Philadelphia prosecutors to make sure that, if found guilty, this man is permanently dismissed from his job as a police officer and receives a fitting sentence -- including never being allowed to own an animal again.