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Justice For Dog Decapitated With Chain Saw

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The headline alone is enough to turn stomachs. According to the Daily Times, two Aztec men have been arrested for be-heading a 2 yr-old dog, reported to be a Pit bull, with a chainsaw.

According to the article, the men resorted to using a chainsaw after the knife that they tried to use, failed to do the job. The men claim to have been trying to "put the dog down" because it had bitten a 9 yr-old child that was visiting the residence.

Teddy Sexton, 32, and Corey Bowen, 31, will face fourth-degree felony animal cruelty charges for their horrific actions. Apparently, Sexton, on felony probation for prior crimes, chose to use the knife and chainsaw because he could not obtain a gun.

Authorities were alerted to the hideous event by a Children, Youth and Families Department investigator that had been notified of several children suffering from nightmares after the unbelievable incident. Though not known for certain, it appears that the children in the home witnessed the gruesome act.

Sexton and Bowen are no strangers to law enforcement. According to, Bowen was charged with drunken driving in 2005, and Sexton's criminal history includes false imprisonment, drug possession, and aggravated battery against a household member. I ask you if this dog was really so dangerous how is it these 2 men could get close enough to cut off it's head? This dog suffered terribly and justice need to be served.

We ask for this heinous crime to be prosecuted as a felony and to the fullest extent of the law. Please don't let this dogs death be in vain.



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