Petition Closed

At 11 months old my niece dezirae sustained serious injuries while in the care of her mother. she then waited over a week to bring her to get medical attention. when i first spoke to detective sgt. stevens(now retired) he had informed me that sandra eastman was charged with a felony and faced up to 10 years in prison and because she is also a registered sex offender if she was convicted she would have to register for life. as of now she has been arraigned and charged with a much lesser charge: misdemeanor charge of cruelty to a child. and she is still free walking the streets until or even if she is convicted! something needs to be done about her she is an endangerment to her 2 daughters and any other future children she may (and probably will have). she's an endangerment to every child in that matter. sandra eastman needs to be put where monsters belong and be denied access to her children, send her to prison and make her pay for what she did to my niece when she was 11 months old, terminate her parental rights so neither of my nieces have to suffer like this again. i fear for the safety of both of my nieces, if sandra eastman gets them back i am afraid i will get a call saying they were killed by their unstable mother. so i ask this help me save my nieces from a terrible fate, send sandra eastman to prison, and terminate her parental rights!

Letter to
dept of state's attorneys kevin klamm
I am asking you, not to offer Sandra Eastman any sort of plea deal. let her serve the time for the crime she committed. terminate her parental rights indefinitely so she can no longer harm her children. show us there is justice in the justice system once again!!! do not let monsters get away with crimes like this, break the cycle now