Justice for Denis

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"Make noise! I am innocent here. Please get me out of here!
Everybody, I need your help! Please help me!"
Denis Kaznacheev

Born in Russia and based in Berlin, Denis Kaznacheev is a renowned, hard-working artist and also a dear friend. 29th of May he was arrested by the German police on behalf of the US Justice Department, searching for his extradition to the USA on charges of money laundering and dark web activities. The USA is asking for his immediate extradition.

We stand by Denis's innocence, and chances are his identity was stolen and used for criminal activities. He needs our help. Please sign this petition which we can then present to the Kammergericht in Berlin, ask for bail and get the necessary guidance to amend such a terrible mistake. With this we intend to stop his ruthless extradition to the USA, where the legal systems have shown decade after decade to be broken, corrupt and unjust.

We stand against the extradition of innocent people to the USA! Denis is living in Berlin. Germany should stand by Denis's innocence and fair civil treatment, and defend him to avoid extradition, as so far, there's no proof that he is guilty of any of the charges. The USA can't unlawfully arrest and destroy the life of a person without evidence.

We created a donation page to help pay for Denis's legal costs and for the rent of his apartment, which he needs to ask for bail. Without a living address, he cannot ask for bail. He also needs help to pay for his living costs in prison.

Donate here: Justice for Denis

Let's all unite and get Denis the justice he deserves!