Justice for Denis

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Denis needs your support to make a wave of noise!

"Make noise!
Without any concrete evidence, the USA still wants my extradition.
Please make noise, so I can get a chance to defend myself in Germany."
— Denis Kaznacheev

Born in Russia and based in Berlin, Denis Kaznacheev is a renowned, hard-working artist and a dear friend. On the 29th of May, he was arrested by the German police on behalf of the US Justice Department, seeking his extradition to the USA on money laundering and dark web activities.

On the 15th of July, Denis was set free on bail, although with travel restrictions and mandatory check-ins at the Berlin Police. Since then, we've been actively attempting to change the course of his case and prove his innocence, but the USA is still asking for his immediate extradition under the existing Extradition Treaty the USA holds with 100 countries, including Germany.

We stand by Denis's innocence; his identity was stolen and used for criminal activities. He still needs our help. Please sign this petition when you didn’t yet; https://www.change.org/p/justice-for-denis
We will present it to the Kammergericht in Berlin and ask for a court hearing in Germany, giving him a chance to defend himself and potentially avoid his extradition to the USA.

Denis deserves fair civil treatment and a chance to defend himself before extradition, as so far, there's only anecdotal proof of any of the presented charges.

We created a website & group to spread awareness of Denis's case and support him with his legal costs:

Please share this new cover on all your channels to make noise as much as we can, thank you for your support!

We created a new fundraiser to support Denis with the ongoing legal costs: https://gogetfunding.com/justice-of-denis/