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Justice for David V. Neily: Demand an independent inquiry into the police investigation.

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David V. Neily went missing April 2006 from Westport, CA under mysterious circumstances.


Our family wants to know what happened, we want justice & we want closure! The following is an article on Huffington Post Crime written by David Lohr, Nov 2013, Donald Cavanaugh And David Neily: Two Missing Men, Two Unsolved Mysteries

We would like the following questions to be answered in regards to our Dad's case:

---We would like Sheriff Allman to actively work this case by following up on leads, updating the family in a timely manner.

---We want James DeNoyer to give a full account of what went on with his Uncle JC who went missing in 2005 & our Dad who went missing in 2006. He is the person of interest in both cases. Both missing men had been warned "not to go back to DeNoyer's property" but they both went anyway to retrieve their personal possessions and were never to be seen again.

---When the police went to DeNoyers property upon a missing person's report being filed, they found my Dad's two vehicles, his wallet and eyeglasses, but no sign of my Dad. My Dad's dog Justice was discovered on the property, also. Dad would not have left his dog. They did find personal belongings of Donald Cavanaugh also.

---Dad's two cars were found on DeNoyer's Westport property and were released to my two half brothers without being processed for 'clues', and we never received an inventory list of any items that may have been in the vehicles. The vehicles were later found abandoned at a camp ground. I would like to know where Dad's belongings are and be given an inventory list as was requested from the Sheriff's Office in 2006.

---Cadaver dogs searched DeNoyer's property (as I was told by the Sheriffs) but were they trained to detect a burned body or just decompasition? Where is the paperwork to show this actually happened?

---Was the thousands of BLM land that is up against DeNoyer's 20 acres also searched?

---A more thorough search of Denoyer's property was warranted due to increased endangerment because of Dad's mental impairment. According to PC 14213(b) he should have been considered at risk which requires special attention.

There are / were a total of 13 people who lived in this area called the Canyon. Who all were interviewed?

In only a course of a year, James DeNoyer became connected to the disappearance of two men (at different intervals) and indicted for thirty-six felony counts of cruelty to animals. The suspicious timeline of events and an active legal proceeding should have warranted closer scrutiny of my Dad's case and a diligent investigation following his disappearance.

I have made countless attempts to the Detectives that are to be handling this case. I have contacted everyone from the California Attorney Generals Office to the District Attorney to the Professional Standards Bureau in Mendocino County as well as Sheriff Allman himself. Occasionally I will receive an e-mail reply from a Detective that gives excuses for the lack of progress on my Dad's case, citing they are too busy and understaffed, therefore unable to devote any time to an investigation, nothing else.

Because of this I connected the Sheriffs with The American Investigative Society of Cold Cases. According to AISOCC, "We finished our review [around Nov 8th, 2013] of your father's case and sent the report to the investigator". I still have not heard anything from LE considering all my followup attempts. The last contact from Mendocino County Sheriffs was in Aug, 2013.

The following link is an article written about my Dad’s case: Daughter Frustrated with Police Over Missing Father from by Jerrie Dean to our Dad's story. Jerrie requests her story not be copied and pasted but that the link be included.

David V. Neily is/was a 71 year old man and bi-polar, but also a father, husband of 12 years, a grandfather, friend and a productive member of society before he became ill. But most importantly, A HUMAN BEING. He deserves much more consideration than he is getting.

We have spent the last 11 years searching for our Dad. I know my dad is gone but our family wants to know what happened, we want justice & we want closure!

<3 PEACE & HOPE, Lisa - daughter of David

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