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My cousin Daniel Adkins was shot & killed on April 3,2012 during a heated argument,no physical force was used,my cousin was unarmed! This shooter chose to do so without regard to human life,only after all options have been exonerated should deadly force be used & definetly not on a unarmed person,Daniel shooter had choices he chose not to use,we are asking for justice for Daniel Adkins in the apprehension of his shooter,please help us in doing so,,,,he Adkins Family,,,Justice For Daniel!

Letter to
County Attorney Bill Montgomery
State Representative Juan Escamilla
Arizona State House
I just signed the following petition addressed to City of Phoenix: Charging Bureau Chief, Maricopa Co. District Attorney, and Police Chief.
This petition demands that the City of Phoenix uphold justice and investigate Daniel Adkins’ murder and prosecute Cordell Lamar Jude for his unlawful use of deadly force while engaged in an unlawful act, and Ronisha Rush for her role in obstructing a criminal investigation or prosecution. Cordell is not entitled to a claim of self-defense because he provoked the hostile encounter while in possession of a concealed weapon in violation of the law, then used unreasonable and deadly force against an unarmed person. Thus, there is sufficient probable cause to arrest Cordell and charge him with second degree murder, felony misconduct involving weapons, and obstructing a criminal investigation or prosecution.

Follow this link: for an explanation of Arizona’s justification standard.

On April 3, 2012 at about 7:37 p.m., Cordell and his girlfriend Ronisha arrived at the Taco Bell drive thru located on 7233 S. 51ST Avenue in Laveen Arizona. At approximately 7:39 p.m. Cordell finished placing his order and was asked by a Taco Bell employee to pull up to the front of the restaurant and wait while they prepared his order. As Cordell exited the drive thru, Cordell admits that he had to quickly apply his brakes to avoid running over Daniel, who enjoyed long walks with his yellow Labrador “Lady” by his side and on a leash. Ronisha stated that she was “facebooking” on her cell phone when she felt the Pontiac Grand Am GT they were in make an abrupt stop.

Cordell tells detectives that Daniel yelled to him “watch it m*f*r” as he moved from the front of Cordell’s vehicle. Upset from almost being hit by a car, Daniel swung his arm in the air, and according to an eye witness – at the same time Cordell fired his weapon once, striking Daniel in the heart. Both Cordell and Ronisha claim that Daniel was holding a 3 foot long bat “as big around as a water bottle.” Ronisha states that Daniel attempted to strike Cordell once with this baseball bat, but because “it was so big its size prevented it from entering his open driver’s window.” When detectives advised Ronisha that an extensive search of the crime scene revealed no baseball bat or any other potentially deadly weapon, Ronisha could not offer detectives any other explanation as to what she claims to have seen. Similarly, when told by detectives that an extensive search of the crime scene revealed no baseball bat or any other potentially deadly weapon Cordell stated that “it may have been the brown dog leash, or possibly Daniel’s empty hand.” However, witnesses tell detectives he was only holding Lady’s leash.

Cordell claims that he drew his .40 caliber Smith and Wesson handgun from where he carries it, “INSIDE HIS SWEAT PANTS ON HIS RIGHT HIP,” and manually loaded it by racking the slide mechanism with the barrel deliberately aimed towards Daniel. According to Cordell, he shot Daniel as he raised an arm as if to swing at him again, although Daniel never struck Cordell, the car, much less Ronisha. When asked by detectives if he thought that Adkins would have killed both of them if he (Cordell) had not shot Daniel, Cordell stated that “he did not think so.” He claims that he feared that “Adkins was trying to hurt him.”


Adkins & extended family and friends

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