Justice for Cornelius Fredericks

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Cornelius Fredericks was a 16-year-old black teen who died after screaming 'I can't breathe' while restrained at a for-profit youth center in Kalamazoo, the lawsuit states. He said he couldn’t breathe as behavioral staff leaned down on his chest for 10 minutes. This happened in April but there was no media coverage on it at all. The staff at Lakeside Academy had previously used “wrongful and improper restraints,” according to the complaint, Marko, and Detroit News. This all happened because he threw a SANDWICH. What happened was unjust and is in need of more attention. He died just as George Floyd did, may they both Rest In Peace. The staff that did this atrocious act against him must be charged and jailed. Black lives Matter is not a trend, it’s a movement. Justice needs to be served, this cannot keep happening. We need peace. He deserved a chance at life like everyone else. Stop killing us.

got this information via twitter: @teressa_raiford