Justice for Coco

Justice for Coco

June 7, 2021
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Judge Michael Shaughnessy
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Started by Tiffany S.

On June 2nd, Phil Savelli tortured and murdered a sweet ten month old Yorkie puppy named Coco. While his girlfriend wasn't home, he tortured the puppy for an hour by beating her, drenching her in water and putting her in the freezer until she froze to death. He then put the puppy back in her crate for the owner to find. All of it was captured on cameras in the house. 

Phil was arrested in Highland Heights, Ohio, but he is currently out on bail. 

Coco deserves justice, and we need to ensure this man will never have the chance to hurt an animal ever again.

Please sign this petition if you would like to see Phil Savelli prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

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Link to Justice for Coco website - Justiceforcoco.org

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This petition made change with 78,807 supporters!

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