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Justice for Chelsea Now!!!

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We believe she was murdered. We have believed this from the start. There was no investigation done by Macedon Police Dept.who was supposed to be in charge, with the aid of Wayne County Sheriffs. The Medical Examiner ruled it a suicide because she had nothing else to go on from the police...She told me it was not written in stone..meaning she could change it at any time.. She just needed more help from the police....We asked District Attorney Richard Healy for help with this matter and recieved no help from him, or his department. It seems they made their minds up from the start and were not going to do anything more, no matter what anyone said.....May 2014. They are still saying this same thing..This needs to be changed....Still to this day in 2014 almost 2 years after Chelsea's death not 1 person has been spoken to. Not any neighbors at the apartments where we lived and Chelsea died..Not any of her friends or any family members..Teachers or classmates...nothing...So when they told me they were going to be looking into it again it was just a flat out lie. Which I do not appreciate. First I have to lose the most precious thing in the world to me, by someone elses hand, Then I have to deal with a bunch of corrupt police and sheriff who lie and cover up very big mistakes for each other. They do not do their jobs the way they should and when they make a mistake..they cover it ..blame it on the unsuspecting and refuse to take responsibility for their actions. I am Begging the Govenor of New York to Please have my daughters case reopened and investigated. I would love to speak with your investigator first. I have been waiting for the locals to act but they are not going to. Please help me. Here are the signature's and the comments on the petition. They did nothing when they recieved this also..Please read the comments and you will get to know who Chelsea Lynn was....Thank You....Terri  { Momma } 

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