Justice for Cedric Lofton

Justice for Cedric Lofton

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Started by Precious Smith

This petition is presented by CERCo, in an effort to rally community support for Cedric Lofton. 

On September 24, 2021, 17 year-old Cedric Shemar Lofton was taken into custody by the Wichita Police Department, unreasonably detained with handcuffs and the WRAP restraint system, taken to the Juvenile Intake Assessment Center (“JIAC”), and was beaten, held in the prone position and was killed.  He ultimately died from injuries sustained at the hands of JIAC personnel. 

Lofton was at NO POINT taken to a facility or evaluated by a professional in regards to his mental health.  He had neither committed nor was charged with any crime leading to arrest. He was placed in the same WRAP device other states have banned deeming “torturous.”  

Given the lack of transparency, accountability and false and misleading statements made by District Attorney Marc Bennett and Sheriff Jeff Easter related to the unjustified murder of seventeen-year-old Cedric Lofton on September 24, 2021, WE THE PEOPLE, demand the following:

1.  The immediate appointment of a special and independent prosecutor for the Cedric Lofton case, from outside of the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office. Given District Attorney Bennett’s history as it relates to charging decisions and the statements made at the initial press conference regarding the cause of Mr. Lofton’s death by Mr. Bennett and Mr. Easter, our community does not have any faith or trust in the independence of District Attorney Marc Bennett.

2.  The immediate release of video from the Wichita Police Department and Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center related to the incident involving Cedric Lofton. The community has the right to view this evidence.

3.  The immediate release of the names of all individuals involved in the events leading up to the homicide of Cedric Lofton. This includes but is not limited to individuals from the Wichita Police Department, Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office, St. Francis Ministries, and the Kansas Department for Children and Families.


The extended Family of Cedric Lofton;

Marquan Teetz;

Chadwick Lofton;

Community Empowerment Resilience Coalition (CERCo);

Emporia Community Action;

Emporia High - Gender and Sexuality Alliance;


Us Doing Us, LLC;

Black Lives Matter Topeka;

Justice Initiative Youth Council;

Sisters with a Purpose (SWAP), Inc.;

Kansas Progressive Forum;

Kansas Advocates For Racial Justice And Equality;

Kansas Coalition for Sentence and Prison Reform;

Kansas Poor People's Campaign;

Christian Faith Centre;

Urban Preparatory Academy;

MOMS (Mothers of Murdered Sons);

Precious Smith;

Chad Childs;

Maurice W. Evans (Pastor Moe), Powerful Community Church;

Smirna Evans, Powerful Community Church;

Heather Hargrove, Powerful Community Church;

LaWanda DeShazer, Think About It;

Lynn Gilkey, Co-Founder of Gear Up;

Uylsses DeShazer, Wichita Street Team;

Miranda Bachman, The Sunflower Coalition;

Don Carter,  Know Better React Better;

Jamesha Dennis “Chocolate DeMornay Ronee”, Mr. Gay Wichita 2021-2022;

Tracey C. Mason, Sr.;

James Barfield;

Tevin Smith;

Jay Vehige;

Andrew Hubbard;

Ann Jones;

Siobahn Collier;


Stephanie Smith;

36,143 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!