Justice for Carol Smith, Sturdy Hospital staff beat & killed my mom. Book out soon

Justice for Carol Smith, Sturdy Hospital staff beat & killed my mom. Book out soon

July 8, 2022
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Bristol County District Att Thomas Quinn and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jennifer Shannon

I want people to EMAIL Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn and Maura Healey



text Senator Paul Feeney (617)930-8729 

to do their JOB and send my mom’s case before a grand jury.

*** My mother had NO INJURIES entering the hospital***

My mother stated STURDY HOSPITAL staff beat her and that she was going to die.

My mother refused an MRI and wanted to leave. Hospital claims she fell one time sustaining all these injuries.

Dr. Kim called me out of the room stating he was sending her for a CT, then sent staff in that gave her haldol and fentanyl while her 14yr old granddaughter  was beside her, to SILENCE her. My mother became catatonic instantly.

I called the police but they refused to come to the hospital and told me to call security. Security that is employed by the hospital.

Google Carol Smith Sturdy Hospital for more photos**


She was on a 24hr hold because she was dizzy and I thought she had an inner ear infection but Dr. Kim confirmed she just needed her EYEGLASSES CHANGED 

The day of discharge she said NO to an MRI, which is her right and multiple hospital staff beat her causing catastrophic brain bleeds.
Comfort O’Delle RN, Kathy Murray RN, Tonya Fontaine NP, Dr. Hee Kim, Dr. Samuel Evans are all part of my cases filed in Superior Court but justice would be them being charged with elder abuse, conspiracy to cover a crime and MURDER !!! They killed her when they could have saved her, to cover up the abuse and should be in JAIL!

Dr.Kim waited 2hrs before calling me, knowing she needed emergency brain surgery. Dr. Evans in ICU lied stating she had a DNR, yet there is no paperwork. Dr. Evans and Tonya Fontaine delayed sending my mother to a trauma hospital as I begged them to save her. Lies and cover up:

Dr. Kim lied when he called me out of her room stating he was sending her for a CT, because records confirmed she had already had CT 2hrs prior.

You don’t give brain bleed patients any medication that keeps you from monitoring their motor skills to see how far the bleed has progressed.

If they weren’t responsible for injuring her then why did they hold her 8 HOURS, knowing she would die?

Everyone deserves dignity and respect.

Medical examiner said they are on our side and ruled manner of death : UNDETERMINED Cause of death: Multiple Blunt Forced Traumas  Only 1.9% autopsies ruled undetermined and of those 90% are suspected homicide. I have in writing that the medical examiner is on our side. 

Please email my Governor asking for justice Maura.Healey@state.ma.us

I am currently working on negotiations with a ghost writer to write my book 8 Hours to Die, chronicling the abuse, cover up and other malpractice cases plaguing Sturdy Hospital. I will not stop until everyone is held accountable.

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Signatures: 1,465Next Goal: 1,500
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