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Justice for Canadians against racist comments and Canada Day ban by Masuma Khan

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Masuma Khan believes that it is her justifiable right to make racist comments about Canadians. She has made public remarks against White people and against Canadian traditions. However, because of her argument that she has also received racism due to her race and religion she will not be punished. She believes racism is justified if you belong to a minority group and especially aimed towards Caucasians. She was responsible for banning Canada Day festivities from taking place at Dalhousie University due to personal beliefs. 

Dalhousie University is withdrawing disciplinary action against a student over a post she made to Facebook in the summer about Canada 150 celebrations.

Earlier this year, Khan, who is a vice-president of the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU), put forward a motion that the group not participate in Canada 150 celebrations. The executive passed her motion, saying it wouldn't hold or endorse Canada Day events on campus, describing this year's events as an act of colonialism.

The student union faced a serious backlash over the decision and Khan took to social media in response, writing that "white fragility can kiss my ass. Your white tears aren't sacred, this land is." 

Khan went on to say "​I'm not apologetic for voicing my opinion and using free speech to tell my support systems on my own social media how I feel," She chose to play the victim and furthermore said "There's a lot of folks that feel that racism doesn't exist anymore, but I think I'm here to be frank and say, 'Hey, that's not reality.'" Completely denying her part in racism and protesting against Canada Day celebrations.

The university's vice-provost of student affairs, Arig al Shaibah, said in a statement released Wednesday the incident "demonstrated the need for an open, thorough discussion on campus about the appropriate policies and processes to support freedom of expression."

Arig Al Shaibah is ignoring the fact that Khan made racist remarks that no Caucasian could get away with. She ignores that Khan does not love this country, insults our traditions and celebrations and is racist towards our people. Khan is getting a get out of jail free card and this incident is said to be a matter of teaching students "processes to support freedom of expression." Freedom of expression should not include hate crimes against Canada or its citizens. 

Khan will have no disciplinary actions taken against her as she has justified her actions by playing the victim and saying she's actually the one facing racism. She said that because of this incident she is receiving nasty messages and says that it is the school who is to blame for this. She is not sorry for what she has said. The school will not acknowledge her hate of Caucasians, Canadians and Canada. 

Prior to this incident escalating so far, the school attempted to make an informal resolution with Khan in lieu of greater disciplinary actions. Khan chose to turn down all attempts of a peaceful resolution with the school and instead hired a Lawyer. She believes her actions are justified and will now be "considering her legal options"  against the University. 

As a result of her actions, Khan has broken the Student Code of Conduct that all students agree to adhere to upon accepting an admissions offer. Originally she was to face consequences for this as well but again has manipulated the system to get off free. Students that break conduct are always subject to some form of discipline of varying degrees, regardless of the circumstances, but Khan believes she is above the law.

This petition seeks to force appropriate disciplinary actions be taken on Khan for her hate speech towards white Canadians. White Canadians would not be treated with the same compassion for hate speech towards a minority. The supporters of this petition feel the consequences to Khan should be as strict as they would be for any other act of racism or attempt to dismantle a National Holiday to celebrate ones love for their Country. Along with strict consequences for her actions Khan should also lose her place on the student union as she has abused her authority while in this position. Furthermore, Khan must make a public and formal apology for her hate speech against Canadians, Whites and Canada's birthday explaining the rationale for why her actions were wrong to prove a sense of understanding. 


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