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Petitioning Prosecuting Attorney Adam Kick

Justice For Cabella. Punishment to the fullest extent for his former owner and killer.

Christopher W. Dillingham, of Washington state, attached an explosive device to the family dog, Cabella, blowing him up.  Initially, he was not charged with animal cruelty, but Prosecuting Attorney, Adam Kick, said the charge has now been added.

This petition has been created in honor of Cabella.  We must be a voice for this precious animal.  By adding your signature, Cabella's story will get more exposure, thus resulting in the highest degree of punishment for his evil killer.  Thank you for your support.

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Letter to
Prosecuting Attorney Adam Kick
We are seeking justice for Cabella, and are asking for punishment to the highest degree for his former owner and killer, Christopher W. Dillingham.

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