Justice for Buster

Justice for Buster

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Started by Macy Delorey

On January 7th 2022, our world came crashing down on us. Our beloved dog Buster was shot, he was injured, a nearby person heard the shot during the storm (meaning it was close by) and then the yelping and ran out after him, she saw him running as best he could trying to make it home to the doorstep where she found him, between 9-10pm that night. We were storm stuck in Antigonish due to the heavy snow fall that happened during our baby appointments for our baby due on the 18th. These people that found Buster had my partners cell number and tried calling him over and over but his phone was dead, so they reached out to people in the community that may be able to get in touch with us. My phone, didn’t ring, didn’t ding. Was fully charged, and my number was known. 
When mikes phone was charged that night, it was already too late, too late for me his OWNER to make the decision to try and get him to a vet or to have his pain taken away, when Mike was called that decision was already made, which pains me 1000 times more. This puppy dog that I rescued and raised from just over 8 weeks old had his fate decided but someone else, and o have to explain to my 3 year old son why daily. Every single day he asks, “mommy why did buster die, I’m really sad” or “mommy I miss Buster so much, why did he die? Why did someone hurt him?” As if mourning his loss wasn’t hard enough, knowing someone so small is hurting just as much is killing me.
Buster came clear of his clip outside and wandered up the road, to where he was purposely shot. The police are not acting very quickly on this, and hardly seem to care. I’m hoping this petition for Justice for Buster will help them change their mind or get this nightmare situation the attention it needs. 
This dog meant absolutely everything to us, and would never hurt a soul, he was always playing with our children or snuggling in along side of us. The most unique and sweetest dog you could imagine, a self trained supper dog for my anxiety, he reacted anytime he knew I felt anxious and would come comfort me until things felt better. Buster was the kids best friend, there’s been much tear shed since, and it’s no where near gone still. It’s painful to write this, it’s painful to realize today once we bury him well never see his big floppy ears and sweet brown eyes again besides in photos. This poor dog was only 4, almost 5 in February and his life was selfishly cut short.

We know who did it, the community knows who did it, but for our protection will not release that information and leave it up to the police, which is the proper thing to do even in a horrible situation where I wish to blast his name over social media for the world to see, it won’t help bring my dog back, all I want is justice for my best friend. I want the world to know that this person purposely took our dog away from us, and for what reason we may never know. Why should he live freely and unbothered after taking away a family member of ours? Will he take someone’s child next? Why are police not acting faster on this? I wish I had answers to all of these questions and many more I have, especially the “why my Buster?” one. 
Buster made life exciting and silly for everyone, he brung so much joy wherever his happy bum went. Why take that away from us, and especially the kids? Why am I burying my best friend days before I have another child? How is this fair?

Dogs are just animals to some people, and we need to target an audience that understands pets are family, not just an animal. They have feelings, they understand us, they love just as hard as we do. Buster was family, he will always be family. Seeing him with a bullet hole through his face haunts me, it’s stuck in my head every single minute of every day. Picking up and holding his cold lifeless body is pain no one deserves. Saying our final goodbyes today and burying him somewhere safe to Rest In Peace is going to not only destroy me but also my kids. We shouldn’t have to explain to them that their dog will never be coming back. We shouldn’t have to gather around his body today and say goodbye. We shouldn’t have to even ever imagine any of these things. So why should this person walk freely with the opportunity to do this to another dog if not person? Does this seem fair?

Please if you’re an animal lover I beg you to share this as much as you can as often as you can. Please please help my family get justice for our dog, please don’t let another person go through this horrific pain, or another dog. No dog deserves this. No kids deserve to loose their best friend, no one deserves to say goodbye so soon.

Please talk about this everywhere you go, please don’t let this get swept under the rug because he’s “just a dog”, please help us bring this to the right audience to get something done about it before it’s too late for another dog. 
Guns shouldn’t be for everyone, no wonder the gun law is strict, this person should not be aloud to have fire arms if they’re using them for this purpose. Something needs to be done. We need your help. And please, regardless who or where you are if you can help us legally in any way AT ALL, reach out to me. 
I’m trying my hardest to bring myself to respond to people, bare with me. Thank you to those near and far already that have reached out in this miserable situation, your kind words do help. Thank you those of the community supporting us still. 
Thank you to those who share this. Buster would be so grateful for you all, please don’t let our boy be forgotten. Help us give him what he deserves for all he did for us in his short life. 

Here is the number to the police department that are not acting fast enough (902) 522-2200

Join us in calling them daily to ask why this sicko can walk freely, reckless firearms in house with kids, a heartless human and “parent” imagine if it were his kids dog/pet that someone shot, how he would feel to explain that to them. He wouldn’t want his kids to go through that but was ok with mine going through this pain.

Heres a newer update- January 12th 2022

We thought we had the world on our side with this. We thought everyone cared and felt for us, but we were wrong. We were targeted again, given hardly anytime to mourn, we haven’t been able to sleep, we can’t get peace. There’s people out there who just want to take and take from us, and leave me to explain to my toddler why, I still don’t even have the answers to his questions why someone took his dog from him and I’m stuck to find more answers for him. 
We were told harsh things, that his death is our fault, that we wandered because he was STARVING and had to find food (on my social media posts you’d often see my kids slipping their supper to him when they didn’t want it, especially Oakley he didn’t grasp the concept of when Buster took a bite it was the whole thing and continued to share anyway, Dallas would sneak treats and his “leftovers” to him often even if he was outside on the yard, you’d hear Dallas yelling “baba supper” and you just knew he gave his whole plate away), Buster was family, he was not left hungry, he got treats and snacks galore, he’d lay in bed with me and share food with me, he’d sit and snack with the kids, this dog was spoiled and loved beyond words and to say such a thing is incredibly heartless. To point fingers and try to blame and make our pain worse, why? We didn’t leave him out knowing we’d be stuck over there, we didn’t know what to expect of the weather, and he loved being outside. We weren’t the ones who pulled any trigger. We’re blaming ourselves enough as it is but for people to be coming at us and adding to it is destroying me, I’m trying to relax and be calm for my baby due VERY soon now, and people just can’t quit. It’s horrible, it’s a nightmare and I want to wake up from it.

January 13th 2022 

Please continue to share and sign, let the cruel assholes know you see a problem with what happened. Let the world see this is wrong. Thank you to the people who have reached out to me, I promise I’ll eventually get back to you, I’m trying. Thank you to the people who spread my story to the public, the media, everywhere they have. You’re amazing.
I wish I could say things are settling down, but they aren’t. People just won’t quit. The mean words, the blame game, the blackmail, not everyone in this world has the heart of those who’ve helped us, believe me when I say you’re all appreciated.
Watch for Busters story in the local journal, I had a lovely phone interview with a very kind man regarding this incident.
I reached of to the MLA office, the kind lady acted FAST to see what she could do, she was so quick and kind to call back and let me know she was going to see what she could do, an hour later if even that she called again and said she called the police station and spoke to them about the concerns to help things along.
We’ve been in touch with countless lawyers, each one so kind, filled with kindness and sympathy, we’ve had people across the world reach out and send kind words, we’re blown away truly by the love and support of the public, we will get justice for you Buster�
I’ll keep updating his story via this petition as things happen.
#justiceforbuster �

-Busters family❤️

7,005 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!