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TENT CITY MANAGEMENT/MALONEY PROPERTIES & NAACP City Of Boston Boston Police Headquarters, and The Boston Police Department

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Started by Nicole Henderson


A 26 year old male was pulled over for a routine traffic stop and wrongfully gunned down by a Boston Police Officer. The BPD officer aimed to kill him not to subdue him. The "facts" that the police gave, do not add up. An investigation, that started extremely late, is being dragged out in hopes that we will drop the issue. Please help get answers and justice for our family, friend, neighbor, and colleague. Higher Standards needs to be held for officers and the way they subdue "suspects". Another innocent life fatally taken in vain! This could have been anyone’s brother, family, or friend. Things like this should not be happening. When you take someone's life, it affects more than that one person but their family and communities. Help us obtain and preserve justice for Burrell Ramsey and justice for all from this day forward.

Police are increasingly overstepping their boundaries and abusing their power. Police brutality has gotten out of control and this is happening all over the United States more and more every day. This epidemic has got to end! The duties of the police are to protect and serve but that is not what is being done here. Too many officers are taking advantage of this privilege and using excessive and deadly force instead of the training and negotiation tactics they are taught as a cadet. Sadly, nowadays, those who are supposed to protect us and help us, when we are in need, cannot be trusted. Police brutality has always been a problem, but there's been a dramatic increase in police murders and brutalization of citizens. The Criminal Justice systems should deter these abuses by holding officers accountable for their actions.

Black people are being victimized because of their skin color or because they do not wear a suit 24/7. Simply because a person’s skin is dark does NOT mean that they are doing anything wrong or automatically deem them a suspect. Nor does a person with a record give the police permission to give him/her an early death certificate.  The lives of young black men are just as valuable as the lives of young white men. Picking us off at whim has got to stop. Our people are leaving this earth at the hand of the law enforcers far too often for just being suspects or Black. Every 28 hours a Black person is killed by law enforcement, security guards, or vigilantes. There are so many other ways to stop someone and all of the above should be trained properly on how to do so. Police are overly aggressive towards minority's the badge is too much power. How do we go forward trusting the men and women who truly take their jobs seriously and get up every day to serve and protect after what has happened?

It is way past time that the police serve and protect ALL the people, not serve as henchmen for the moneyed elite, with a license to bull-doze anyone in their way. Police need to take accountability and admit to the wrong doing instead of covering it up because that only adds insult to the injury. Police officers that abuse their power should be held responsible like everyone else and need to be severely penalized. We have enough to worry about other than the law killing our friends, family, etc. We cannot keep allowing these officers to get away with murder, acting like criminals themselves and then using their badge to justifying it. It is murder! We are standing up to keep officers from abusing their power and prevent further development of local murdering terrorists.

In order for this to STOP, we as a society have to hold the police accountable and sure up support so the police departments are pushed to make changes to the way they train officers in negotiation and risk assessments. As a people, we have to make sure we are doing everything we can to educate and unite our communities so that we may fight back and prevent future incidents of police abuse.

It is very important that we speak out and get answers and put an end to police officers that are killing without reasonable cause because Burrell Ramsey matters. Everybody matters!

It is time to stand up as a people, as a country, for justice and truth.

Let justice be served. 

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This petition had 861 supporters

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