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This could be your child, both four legged and two

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Meridian Mississippi Police Department.

Training in properly PROTECTING AND SERVING

This could be your child, both four legged and two
In December 2011 officer Lewis of the Meridian Police Department in Meridian Mississippi spotted two suspicious characters in my mothers back yard, after questioning the two, Lewis went to the front of the house. My son had just put my sisters dog out on his lead to get some sun. As my son was closing the door Lewis shot Bud, a very docile, loving, pitbull, in the face. Bud was in between Lewis and my son and the front of the house was the back stop, with other family members inside. My son was then held at gun point for 45 minutes when he attempted to go to bud. Lewis called for animal control and after that 45 minutes my son and his grandmother were finally allowed to take Bud to the vet. The vet managed to save Bud's life, however with permanent facial damage, the loss of most his teeth, an altered diet forever, and a change in personality. The city has refused to pay vet bills for Bud or make an apology. When my son went to the police department to file a complaint he was laughed at and told the dog was lucky because officer Lewis ( the chief's son ) is a crack shot and the dog should be dead !! When I made numerous attempts to speak to the chief I could only get a return call from his second in command who identified himself as Sharpe and was insistant very sarcastically about including the e in his name incase we wanted to continue the complaint ( with a very daringly tone in his voice ). The entire family has been afraid to be persistant because the Meridian Police Department has a reputation of beeing intimidating, using excessive and unecessary force, and retalliation. This entire department needs to be put under a microscope, as they have a terrible public opinion with ALL those who live there, near by, and pass through there. They need proper training in how to PROTECT AND SERVE and learn that is to the Citizens and not themselves. Officer Lewis was defended without ever presenting a defense as to why he shot Bud, and endangered my Son and family's life. Officer Lewis needs to be repremanded for his actions. Give Justice to Bud and my family. I lost my oldest son earlier in the year and could have lost this one as a result of an irresponsible officer with a God complex!!!!---------------

Delece Bowers

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