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Justice for Bucky

The dog did nothing wrong. Excessive force was used when the officer shot the dog 5 times, in front of the owner's children, for jumping around and barking. Animal control was there, and the officer did NOT need to do these actions!  He needs to be fired, and brought up on charges of animal cruelty!  If a civilian citizen had shot this dog, for jumping around and barking, they would be in jail awaiting a trial.  The police are there to protect our communities, and our people.  They are NOT "above the law", and this particular crime should not be ignored!

The people would also like to see an update on police procedures for events such as these!  Obviously, most officers of the law wouldn't shoot the dog (I hope), but there needs to be specific training for handling a situation like this!!

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  • Arlington Police Department
    Internal Affairs
  • Mayor of Arlington
    Dr. Robert Cluck
  • Arlington Police Department
    Chief of Police Dr. Theron L. Bowman

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