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The dog did nothing wrong. Excessive force was used when the officer shot the dog 5 times, in front of the owner's children, for jumping around and barking. Animal control was there, and the officer did NOT need to do these actions!  He needs to be fired, and brought up on charges of animal cruelty!  If a civilian citizen had shot this dog, for jumping around and barking, they would be in jail awaiting a trial.  The police are there to protect our communities, and our people.  They are NOT "above the law", and this particular crime should not be ignored!

The people would also like to see an update on police procedures for events such as these!  Obviously, most officers of the law wouldn't shoot the dog (I hope), but there needs to be specific training for handling a situation like this!!

Letter to
Arlington Police Department Internal Affairs
Mayor of Arlington Dr. Robert Cluck
Arlington Police Department Chief of Police Dr. Theron L. Bowman
According to the family, whose dog was killed by Arlington police officer Jesse Davis, the police responded to a call from a neighbor about their dog nipping at a their child. The neighbors have admitted that the dog never actually bit the child, but scared the child, so they called the police. Officer Jesse Davis, along with an animal control officer, responded to the call and, while speaking with Bucky's owner outside, overreacted when the dog was in the front yard.

Originally, the dog was inside, with the owner's children. Their 3 year old son accidentally let the dog outside, and Bucky got agitated and was jumping around and barking. Officer Jesse Davis overreacted by pulling the trigger of his gun, twice. After the dog was already nonresponsive, and on the ground, the officer shot the dog 3 more times. The family's 3 year old son was only a few feet away, and the other 2 children were watching the events from inside the living room, through the window.

If a civilian had shot this family's dog because he was jumping around and barking, they would have been arrested for animal cruelty, and given a date to appear in court. They would have been charged with a crime, and given jail time. However, Officer Jesse Davis has not only NOT been charged with a crime, he is still patrolling the streets of Arlington!!! He should have been assigned desk duty, while Internal Affairs conducted their investigation. The family was notified of an update to the investigation, whereas Internal Affairs informed the family that the dog had only been shot once. However, the family took a photo of where Bucky lay, after the officer left the scene, and there are 4 seperate blood spots in the grass. A single bullet would not have left 4 different blood spots in the yard.

The public is DEMANDING that this office be relieved of duty, be charged with the crime of animal cruelty, and training given to all police officers in case this happens again. This event happened almost two months ago, and is still not resolved! This is NOT the first time that Officer Jesse Davis has killed a dog. This officer needs to be terminated for his actions against Bucky!!!!

The public wishes to hear something in regards to this case, so that we all know what is being done to prevent this in the future. We look forward to your rapid response.

Concerned Public (Nationwide and International)

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