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On Tuesday March 6th at 2 a.m., Brandon Baker was driving his vehicle on his way home with his twin brother driving another vehicle behind him, while Seth Browning, an off-duty security officer driving his personal vehicle, decided to tailgate and follow Brandon all the way to the entrance of his apartment complex. When Brandon pulled to the side of the road so the pursuer, Seth Browning, could go around him, he pulled to the side behind him. When Brandon approached Seth Browning's vehicle to see what his intentions were, as the aggressor Seth Browning pepper sprayed Brandon in the face, and as Brandon fell while covering and rubbing his face, again as the aggressor he shot and killed Brandon. Brandon's twin brother Chris exited his vehicle once he saw his brother staggering and falling. As he approached the aggressor's vehicle, Seth Browning aimed his gun at Chris but backed down as Chris assisted his mortally wounded brother.


Although Seth Browning is a "MURDERER" and used a company-issued gun while "OFF DUTY," he is stating that he acted out of self defense. The so-called "stand your ground" law implemented in 2005 is being considered in this case.


Seth Browning IS the Aggressor with four acts of aggression:

1st act of aggression on Browning's part was to tailgate Brandon at the late hour he did (2am).

2nd act of aggression was to pull in behind him as Brandon pulled to the side of the road to allow his pursuer to go around him.

3rd act of aggression was to pepper spray Brandon in the face as he approached Browning’s car to find out what his intentions were. (Keep in mind that Browning's car was not a police car, nor were there flashing police lights which would alert Brandon to remain in his vehicle.)

4th act of aggression was to deliver a “killshot” to Brandon as he fell to Browning's car covering and rubbing his face.


Seth Browning "CHOSE" to follow and tailgate Brandon Baker, instead of calling in his tag number to the proper authorities, telling them he was concerned about his driving.

Seth Browning "CHOSE" to pull over behind Brandon Baker, instead of just going around and driving home.

Seth Browning "CHOSE" to pepper spray Brandon Baker, instead of driving away.

Seth Browning "CHOSE" to shoot and kill Brandon Baker, after he pepper sprayed him in the face.


This is NOT a case of self defense, nor should the "Stand Your Ground Law" be considered!

Seth Browning was the AGGRESSOR and the MURDERER and should be prosecuted as such!



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