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Prosecute The Man Who Did This

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March 2011: Boy, 12 year old cancer ridden dog was shot in his own driveway and suffered for 2 hours. The neighbor accused the dog of killing his sheep...a dog that was too old to even run.

Neighbor received $50 fine for vandalism and criminal mischief which he neglected to pay. He plead not guilty and trial date is set for September 29th in Hamilton, Texas

September 2011: Zeak was killed on neighbor's property (he ran over him with his truck) and strung to the fence by the street for the children to see. He also strung up a dead sheep (which was already decaying) next to the still warm dog claiming he killed the dog because the dog killed his sheep. He posted a provoking sign between the 2 dead animals mocking the family who owns the dog.

Sheriff deputy was called and didn't do anything. He failed to compare the decaying sheep to the decaying process of the dog, nor did he notice the lack of any evidence such as no blood around Zeak's face, to indicate that the dog had attacked anything.

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We would like him prosecuted under law 42.092. sections 2 & 3, section 8 b and 1 & 2, 6 and section e 1.   


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