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Please fire the officers who killed Boogie and (re)train the other members of the department on the proper use of deadly force.

At 7:00 pm on May 2, 2012, a beautiful 4–5-month-old pit bull mix puppy named Boogie was gunned down by the Birmingham, Alabama, Police Department. He was a loving, sweet boy who had a good family and had overcome a canine parvovirus infection, which is typically fatal.

Officers shot Boogie SIX times in his back and legs and then killed him with a final shot to the head. They claimed the puppy was charging and threatening the officers; however, the fact that he was shot in the back and legs first belies this claim. Even more distressing, Boogie was left in a pool of blood at his own gate for his owner to find.

This innocent dog’s life was stolen because he was a “pit bull-type dog.” We want justice for Boogie in the form of dismissal of the officers involved. Taking seven shots at a puppy is beyond excessive, and officers that quick to fire are a danger to the community. In addition, we want new training procedures put in place to give officers guidelines on the judicious use of firearms and on dealing with animals in a non-lethal manner whenever possible.

Please help Boogie get justice he deserves.

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  • Chief Roper of Birmingham Al, PD

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