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Please sign this petition to stop the Bedford County Correctional Facility from getting away with medical neglect, shackling pregnant woman, not giving proper medical care to pregnant woman, violating hippa laws, giving suicide watch for pregnant woman, from denying rights to religion. Help me stop the Bedford co correctional facility from having miscarriages due to being denied medical treatment for 6 days, cruel and inhumane punishments. Any one willing to do a protest or any help or legal advise to file a complaint against the Bedford co correctional institute I've already contacted the aclu advocates. This has to stop!! If this happened to anyone else please contact me at 8148038438, thank you. 

I was incarcerated on September 24th 2017. While in intake they confirmed that I was pregnant. I was happy I was pregnant because my boyfriend was in the bedford county jail and is possibly dying of psorosis of the liver. I proceeded to tell them what medications I currently take. I told them what they were: Adderall 10 mg for ADHD, Nuerotin 900 mg for anxiety and agoraphobia, Abilify 10 mg for borderline personality disorder, Fluvoxamine 50 mg for OCD, Propranalol 10 mgs for anxiety, ambien 10 mg for insomnia, tramadol 50 mg for pain, topamax 50 mg for chiari malformation. They refused me all medications knowing i was pregnant on 3 narcotics. I have a 9 mm cyst in my brain and chiari malformation and have had seizures and also have dizzy spells every day. They had me on top bunk after miscarriage. At the intake They asked if I was suicidal I said no Im happy I'm pregnant. They put me on suicide watch. While on suicide watch I asked if I could go to church and they said because I was on suicide watch I couldnt go, so I proceeded to ask to speak for the preacher they said theyd try and never did he come. I was denied my right to religion. I was furious because I wasn't suicidal. I was on suicide watch for 15 days. They wouldnt give me a cup for 5 days, they kept offering me milk when i said i cant drink milk. never in my life did I drink a glass of milk I was taken from my mother when I was breastfeeding. I had to call for the nurse because my body wouldnt quit shaking around day 2 or 3 in jail. They called the nurse and she asked me if i was on drugs, i told her No its because youre not giving me my medication is why I feel the way I do. I started spotting Sept 26th, i cried for to go to the hospital but they refused to take me. This happened for about 5 days I called the nurse numerous times and begged to go to the hospital, they wouldn't take me, violating my eighth amendment and deliberate indifferance to due process denying me medical attention until the 6th day. There was a bloodclot when i went to the bathroom and I screamed for the nurse. She told me that it looked like a crushed pill, i told her i refused my prenatal that morning and that it was my dead baby. They waited about 5 hours to take me to the er and they took the guy with pink eye before I could go. I went to the hospital for an ultrasound and told me it was too soon to confirm a misscarriage and the doctor ordered me to go back for further bloodwork to confirm on October 6th, they never took me to listen to doctors orders. I dropped to the ground in panic from losing my baby I couldnt stand. They took me to the nurses office to calm me down and gave me coffee. I had to sit in the same pad for 3 days until i had to write a grievance stating i was sitting in my dead baby as i bawled.  On October 16th the jail nurse took my blood to check my HCG levels. That day officer Norris came to my cell and told me my levels confirmed a miscarriage. " She broke my hippa law" So I started the grieving process of losing to my child whos father is dying of psorosis. On October 25th, my birthday " I WAS SHACKLED' I went to the obgyn where they said "YOUR HERE FOR A PREGNANCY" I started crying happily at the chance I still may be pregnant. They said in my charts there was no bloodwork to confirm miscarriage because they never took me. She immediately ordered bloodwork and promised me id know results by evening. The officer told me not to tell anyone they shackled me while I was pregnant that she could get in trouble. She put them back on and said she didnt know what she should do. They directly took me to the hospital and did bloodwork.After dinner I asked for the results of my pregnancy. The nurse continued to tell me that it would be a hippa law that she couldnt tell me. Then why on October 16th did officer norris give me my blood results? BROKE MY HIPPA LAW!! AFter the nurse told me that I started screaming I have rights to know if Im pregnant that it was my body and I screamed fuck you at an inmate for telling me to shut up, the nurse jumped to conclusions thinking i told her that, and she put me in the hole without knowing if I should grieve or not. I was in the hole on my birthday not knowing if I should grieve or be happy because there was hope for me again. Next day I get my period confirming to myself that I had really lost the baby and AGAIN I have to start a harder grieving process even harder than the first time. Grieving my child twice was torture. October 26th They handcuffed me and took me to the infirm and had a phone call on hold for me. The nurse on the line asked me if I gave the jail the rights to know information on me, I said yes because I was at this point desperate to know if I had lost my child. I said yes at that point. That night they confirmed. They killed my baby and tortured me in the process.I now cant even bare being with the babys dad from going through all this pain alone in a jail cell being mistreated overpopulated! My life will NEVER be the same.