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Justice for Baxter

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My goal here is to assure Cheshire ACO's take   the proper steps in the future before they decide to euthanize a dog and to see that the ACO is reprimanded accordingly.

Baxter was a dog that was found as a stray by a family and turned over to the Cheshire Animal Shelter. This family assumed they were doing the right thing for this dog. In the 2 hours before the shelter opened Baxter hung with this family, went to work with them etc. He was great. Apparently once brought to the shelter he showed some "aggression" towards another dog i.e. Excitement and growling. Which is normal behavior for many dogs especially in a shelter /kennel situation. So at that point he was "deemed" aggressive. 

Baxter was held to see if his owners would claim him and unfortunately they did not. On Thursday Aug 24th Baxter would be pts. On Wednesday Aug 23rd myself and many others reached out to the Cheshire ACO to offer our assistance. I myself offered evaluation, training, taking full responsibility for him and getting into a Rescue or another shelter facility that would work with him. I made it very clear that a dog could not be deemed aggressive after 2 weeks with no evaluation and all it did was growl at another dog. I was told "it was not an option" and "thanks but no." People also offered money to get him out. It was reiterated that I personally would assure he was not put out in public until someone could determine if and truly he was aggressive or if it was kennel stress, or if he sick, or any other valid reason for why he acted the way he did. 

This boy Baxter did not get a fair shot, or a chance of any kind. The ACO took this upon herself and made a decision that from what I was told other volunteers and the other aco was Not on the same page with. 

We need to assure laws are followed yes, but we also need not assume a dog is aggressive because it growled or because she feels the mix of breed wasn't good as she also stated to someone. 

It was also asked if there was another incident that happened that made her make her decision but she was rude, and lacked compassion. Also a relative at the shelter thought it would funny to state on a public forum that basically he was dead now and to move on to the next dog lol. This situation shouldn't be joked about. 

We need to be Baxters voice, all the Baxters out there need our help and support. We need to assure this does not happen again. She took his life without even thinking about having him evaluated, didn't even ask someone above her their thoughts, nothing!


Shame on Cheshire Animal Control, something needs to be done!


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