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James Spencer Yancey (and an accomplice whose charges were dropped in exchange for testimony) plead guilty to beating a 6 month old lab puppy to death with a metal pipe in a field right by her house. We need to send a message that this kind of cruelty will not be tolerated!  Virtually every serious violent offender has a history of animal abuse.

Bailey could not defend herself and it is too late for her. We can be her voice, and the voice for other animals, by sentencing this young man with the maximum allowable sentence for the torture and merciless killing of Bailey. 

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Write your own letter to the District Attorney of Geneva County, AL-Kirke Adams (please be respectful!)  


Snail mail:

P.O. Box 247
Geneva, AL  36340
(334) 684-3697
Fax:  (334) 684-9517

Alabama residents-and especially residents of Geneva County are urged to attend the sentencing hearing on December 6, 2011 at the Geneva County Courthouse. 

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: District Attorney Kirke Adams of Geneva County Alabama.

Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter in regard to James Spencer Yancey, and his upcoming sentencing hearing. The seriousness of animal abuse is not taken seriously enough. People who abuse animals are statistically much more likely to become violent with another human being. Virtually every serious violent offender has a history of animal abuse in his past.

The crime James Spencer Yancey committed is horrific. He must be given the maximum sentence for his crime. He also must never be allowed to own another pet. For the benefit of the community he must be held accountable for the tragic and cruel decisions he made on that awful day.

Thank you for your time.