Justice for Arshiya

Justice for Arshiya

November 7, 2022
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Started by Prabhjot Kaur

My name is Prabhjot Kaur and I’m a single mom of two beautiful little girls. I lost my 5 year old daughter as I was visiting India on a family vacation in October 2021, in a motor vehicle accident that killed 4 of my family members and injuring my older daughter, 7 year old, and me leaving us in ICU. 
I didn’t even know my 5 year old had passed until 3 days after when I regained consciousness. I’ve been dealing with grief for past one year. All expenses were paid for by me and my family as I get little to no help from the father as I’m going through a divorce and no formal child support is in place at this time. I never cared for money as the loss I went through was irreparable. 

A few days ago, I stumbled on gofundme created for my daughter Arshiya using her image and graphic accident link on the bottom of gofundme page. Funds were collected by my ex husbands family fraudulently for expenses of funeral, hospital and medical bills. All this was a secret from me, her mother. Upon questioning the organizer of the gofundme he claimed all the money went to the sisters account and then to the ex husband but it never reached us or anyone help us with anything. When I asked the father of my kids, he first said they sisters have the money and then started changing the story. The funds collected with the intent to be spent on me and my daughters but was never done or even mentioned to me. I kept asking the father of my kids to help me or even pay me back for an airline ticket and he kept saying he doesn’t have any money and no mentions of gofundme until I found out. He’s an alcoholic with a history of documented domestic violence against me. 

Both my daughters live with me and are 100% dependent on me as I’m a pharmacist and financially stable. I didn’t need any money. No mother should even have to go through the trauma of losing a child and for other people to sit and make a business out of their child’s death. This is not only morally wrong but also very traumatizing for me to deal with along with the death of my child. 
I need justice for my daughter Arshiya and the perpetrators to be prosecuted to the fullest. This goes to show how people can abuse a platform to defraud people and exploit someone’s tragedy. 


This petition made change with 1,304 supporters!

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