JUSTICE for Amina & Sarah Said: To interrogate Patricia Owens & and the Said family as possible suspects

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Amina and Sarah Said were murdered by their father Yaser Abdul Said an Egyptian immigrant on January 1st 2008. Amina was 18 years old and was shot two times and Sarah was 17 years old as was shot nine times.    

The girls were brilliant young ladies dreaming of nothing more than to live their lives as Americans and become doctors. They both were victims of their abusive father, Yaser, on several occasions. The abuse was permitted (or at least not stopped) by their American mother, Patricia. Both Sarah and Amina appeared at school with bruises, and at one point Amina even had a split lip. Amina informed her friends the wounds were inflicted by her father, and her mother refused to allow her to seek medical attention.

Yaser found out that both girls were dating in the fall of 2007 and like many times before he pulled a gun on Amina and Sarah and threatened to kill them for not following his rules. A boyfriend was not permissible under his rules. Yaser had plans for the girls to marry in an arranged marriage.

The girls managed to run away of the home to their mothers job where the girls also had part time jobs.   The manager gave Patricia days off from work to take the girls to a safe place and call the police, even taking donations among the store employees to help Patricia get her daughters protection.

Deciding to run away with two friends they confined in their mother their plans to escape their father. Patricia tells her daughters she had always wanted to leave their father and asked to run with them. The girls and the friends agreed to allow Patricia to go along. They left all their phones behind so they couldn't be traced and finally left on December 25th after Yaser had left to go to work that night.

They all headed for Kansas to Patricia’s aunt’s home. Upon arrival Patricia tells her aunt the girls were going to run away with their friends and she couldn’t let that happen, then Amina spoke up and said; "my mom said she always wanted to leave my dad so we let her come with us." During a conversation Patricia stated if she took her daughters back to Texas Yaser would definitely kill them. 

By the end of the day it was decided it would be best to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma, a bigger city close to a collage for Amina. The next day Patricia bought a new cell phone and now had a number Yaser didn’t have, they rented an apartment and bought some furniture and the girls felt a little safer.

Unfortunately unknown to Amina and Sarah and the boyfriends, their mother was talking to their father and planning on returning back to her husband.   Patricia knew there was no way her daughters would return to Texas so she lied to Amina and Sarah telling them she wanted to put flowers on their grandmother grave and they would spent New Year’s  Day at their Aunt Connie’s, the mother’s  sister.  

They arrived back in Texas on New Year’s eve when the girls learned that their mother was going back home to Yaser. Amina very upset and angry, refused to go to her father’s house knowing he would kill her and she went to her boyfriend’s parents and called her Aunt Connie, "did you know my mom went back to my dad" she asked, crying and upset she told her aunt about her mother lying to her to get her back to Texas.  

The next morning, on New Years, Amina's friend received a text message from Sarah asking Amina to call her mom. Amina called and her mother asked her to come home, again Amina refused. Patricia made call after call to Amina begging her to come home throughout the day saying her father had forgiven her and they were all going to go out to eat but Amina again refused. That evening Patricia drove to Amina boyfriend’s parents to talk to her daughter. Amina kept refusing to go with her mother and she wanted to go back to Tulsa. Patricia not getting anywhere with Amina took her by the arm telling her to hurry up they were running out of time.   Amina gives in and goes home with her mother and within a couple hours Amina and Sarah were shot to death by their father.  

 The next day the girl’s brother Islam Said, said to the media that Amina and Sarah got what they deserved because they knew the rules. The mother’s actions in the days leading up to the murders are extremely suspicious. She could have returned her daughters back to their father so the murders could take place as planned. Either way, she failed to protect her daughters.

Irving Police Department not only refuses to bring charges against Patricia Owens, Islam Said or any of the bothers of Yaser Said but they didn’t even care to officially interrogate them. Clearly the proof is in the pudding and this is a double Honor Killing and the F.B.I. agreed at one point. The mother must be charged with conspiracy to murder her daughters. Sarah and Amina Said deserve JUSTICE.  

Patricia has given several interviews in the past six years and most of them are very contradictory. This should be taken as a proof that the information is not clear and search deeply into these murders.

After six years, Yaser Said is still at large. Here his FBI profile:


Please join us in the fight for justice for Amina and Sarah Said by calling on the Irving Police to revise this case and interrogate Patricia Owens Said and Islam Said.