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Justice For Alyssa

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If anyone has any questions regarding the validity or intentions of this petition before signing please feel free to message me.  I assure everyone our daughters best interests are at heart and there is merit to these allegations or he would not have been indited in the first place and  we would not be standing up tall for Alyssa. This is not out of spite, hate, or malicious intent.  We have no alterior motive or anything to gain from this besides continuing to be the best parents we can (as Travis has done since he was given custody in 2005 in the divorce) and protecting Alyssa and other children.


Evidence strongly suggests that in December of 2010  Aaron Lorenz sexually assaulted his then eight year old step-daughter in his home in Columbus,Mississippi while the minor child was visiting her mother (non-custodial parent). Despite a forensic physical exam providing proof that confirmed the abuse and corroborated a forensic video interview with Alyssa's account of the abuse, District Attorney Forrest Allgood has chosen to drop the charges against Aaron Lorenz after a Grand Jury indictment. His decision is based on Aaron passing a lie detector, which is not admissible in court. Alyssa has been very brave by coming forward and this child needs our help to be protected. Civil courts are ordering her father to send her to the home of her abusers for visitation on April 2 (unsupervised), despite Alyssa's fear of her step-father and mother and a lack of full investigation. As a victim of such a heinous act, Alyssa deserves the opportunity to have her voice heard and see her attacker brought to justice.

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