Justice for a Grandfather!!

Justice for a Grandfather!!

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Karen Robinson started this petition to Governor Governor Bill Lee Tennessee

Jimmie Robinson lives in Sevierville, TN and is a 75 year old grandfather. Three of his grandchildren are precious little boys (now ages 13 years and twins, now eleven years). His grandsons look up to him  and call him Pa. Their Pa teaches them about God, nature, how to be patient enough to catch frogs, and what the American flag, the Bald Eagle, and the Pledge of Allegiance means to us. Their Pa is a good, simple, God fearing man and he is loved by his family and friends. Their Pa was citizen of the year in his town, a Vietnam veteran, President of the Kiwanis, and has done much for his community. Their Pa is a man of outstanding moral character and honor. He is a real man and he is a true hero.

However, their Pa is currently serving 17 years for 2nd degree murder in the Morgan County Correctional Complex in Wartburg, TN for killing their father (his son-in-law). Pa did not kill him out of anger or revenge, but to protect his precious grandsons from him, as the court system in Sevier County proved to be a corrupt, "good 'ol boy" system that not only failed to protect them from him, but was about to send a victimized child and his two baby brothers back into the hands of his sexual perpetrator.

The children's father is from one of several families that "own" and run the very small town of Sevierville. They have a seemingly unlimited amount of money at their disposal that easily influences any obstacles that may cross their paths, which had been used in many occasions to make his past "indiscretions" disappear. Unfortunately, Pa and his family were square in their path this time.

At first the children's father appeared to be a good man, from a good family. Soon after he married the children's mother (Pa's daughter), however, he began to fly into violent rages, abused drugs and alcohol, and engaged in other bizarre and often immoral behaviors. Fear turned into horror at the realization that he was sexually abusing their eldest son, who was at that time a precious 2 year-old toddler.

The Robinson family used every legal means possible to protect all three of the boys from him. The children's mother obtained a restraining order against him and filed for divorce. Despite all of the allegations of sexual abuse, etc., the Judge hearing the divorce case, granted the children's father regular visitation with the children under the supervision of the paternal grandmother and step-grandfather. The sexual abuse against the oldest child resumed immediately.

After investigating the reports of sexual abuse, the Department of Children's Services indicated the children's father for Severe Sexual Abuse, which was signed by the Assistant District Attorney of Sevier County and several other members of the community's Child Protective Investigative Team. DCS filed an immediate protective order petition against him in Juvenile court.

Meanwhile, a detective from the Sevierville Police Department was assigned to investigate the criminal sex abuse case but never even interviewed the children's father or any of the other dozen or so witnesses. The District Attorney's office eventually ignored all of the evidence of the abuse investigation, did not take it to the Grand Jury, and declined to proceed with any criminal case against him.

The children's father repeatedly perjured himself in the Divorce proceedings, with no reprocussions whatsoever for it. There were numerous, outrageous, corrupt stunts performed by the children's father and his legal team in the Juvenile court sexual abuse hearing, with no reprocussions for it. In fact, the Judge hearing that case ignored all of the witness testimony from the abused child's Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), an emergency room doctor from East Tennessee Children's Hospital, a psychotherapist who flew in from Texas who had counseled the children's father and his former wife years earlier, and testimony regarding his drug and alcohol abuse and decided that it would be okay to allow the sexual perpetrator visits with the victimized child and his baby brothers. 

It became painfully aware to the Robinson family that the system had failed the children in every single way. It appeared imminent that two courts, despite overwhelming evidence of on-going sexual abuse, unpredictable outbursts of violent rages, and even drug and alcohol abuse, were about to turn over three, precious, innocent baby boys for their father to victimize over and over and over at his leisure.

That is why Pa took matters into his own hands to protect the children.

The corruption resumed in the Criminal court against Pa and he never had a chance of a fair trial. There were even family members and close family friends of the children's father who work at the Sevier County courthouse and who signed the Grand Jury indictment against him. Pa just wanted the opportunity to explain to a jury of his peers "why" he did it. However, again, it became painfully obvious that he was never going to receive a fair trial when the Judge hearing the Criminal case disallowed any testimony regarding the sexual abuse, etc., against the child.

Upon the paternal mother's request, the District Attorney's office initiated a plea agreement that Pa decided to accept in hopes of being sent to a minimum security facility close to home so that his wife of 55 years, his precious grandchildren, and the rest of his family and friends who adore him would be able to hug him rather than visiting him between glass in a maximum security facility.

There's so much more to this story and examples of corruption in the system than can be explained here. The courts did not subpeona the records department of several mental health facilities that the children's father went to spanning from his childhood into adulthood that should have been considered in this case.

After his death, these mental health documents were finally obtained by the mother of the children. In those records, in part, he admitted in his own words that he is a "sexual abuser of those young and old...."; that "my idol is Jeffrey Dahmer...."; and that he "wants to kill people...but with my own hands, because it will make me feel more complete...." He tried to "burn his mother" and told a story of repeated abuse against him that is horrifying. He had several mental health diagnoses. He physically abused a former wife by beating her head and face into a tile floor to the point that she is now legally blind. These are among many, many more horrifying stories. His family knew all of this, as his mother participated in the intake processes and some of the sessions. But rather than admitting to it and standing up to do the right thing to protect his children from him, they were deceitful and painted a picture of him to the community that would not tarnish their good name. 

The main thing is that the corrupt system in Sevier County failed to protect these children and this man. No one was held accountable for their actions except Jimmie Robinson and that is unacceptable. The children are the ones who have been punished and who have suffered in this case. Pa's last words to the Criminal court Judge was, "Sir, I am just a Grandpa". This Grandpa needs to come home to his grandchildren who love him. Please help bring this Grandpa home.

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