Justice Against Unethical Foreclosure Auction Committed by Attorney Paul J. Sulla, Jr.

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Justice Against Unethical Foreclosure Auction Committed by Attorney Paul J. Sulla, Jr.

September 24, 2012
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The Supreme Court of Hawaii, Chairman, Commission on Professionalism The Honorable Chief Justice Ronald T.Y Moon
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Drug companies and state judiciaries are "out of control," with illegal drug-trafficking influencing our children and the future of our nation. This political action is a case study in what you as a private citizen can do to end corruption by exposing local attorneys and judges willfully-blind to white collar crimes; with this case involving PAUL J. SULLA, JR..

This political action is sponsored by two of America's leading drug industry whistleblowers--Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Sherri Kane--who are holding the State of Hawaii liable for neglect of duty to protect citizens against the financial crimes of an alleged CIA-linked, hallucinogenic drug-advocating attorney, advancing a conspiracy to steal the doctor’s religious property.

Triggering mayhem in the State’s judicial system, Hawaii attorney Paul J. Sulla, Jr., filed a defamation claim against the two journalists to stop them from exposing their victimization by his outrageous acts bent on stealing their one-of-a-kind geothermal estate purchased by Dr. Horowitz for humanitarian service. Sulla, Jr. foreclosed on their estate "non-judicially," after the foreclosure was DENIED by the Hawaii Court. The original foreclosure complaint was brough by Sulla's "client," who evidence showed, altered a mortgage agreement drafted by attorney, now sitting Judge, Glenn S. Hara of Hilo.

Horowitz is a Harvard-trained drug-industry analyst and award-winning author and filmmaker who has saved more children's lives from risky vaccinations than anyone alive. He was credited by Barack Obama’s minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, for proving the origin of AIDS came from a bio-weapons lab that tainted early hepatitis B vaccines. Two weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the professional whistleblower warned the FBI about a drug-industry “anthrax conspiracy,” as spores were being mailed to U.S. Senators Tom Daschle and Dan Leahy. That was 9-days before the press reported it. And in 2012, Horowitz published a “medical paradigm shattering” thesis explaining that medicinal music can be made to mimick oxygen and chlorophyll in plants. The music then becomes naturally healing, the doctor explains, due to electrons resonating at the central frequency of sunshine--528nm/528Hz frequency--that is curative for many diseases.

In an organized criminal conspiracy to defame and destroy Dr. Horowitz. In 2010, title to his ministry's property was slandered by the alleged CIA-linked attorney, Paul J. Sulla, Jr., who used fraudulent mortgage assignments and promissory notes to advance the illegal non-judicial foreclosure scheme.

Five attorneys are liable, according to the doctor's court filings, for willful blindness in Sulla’s conspiracy to defraud Horowitz and the courts, with two judges—Hara and senior Circuit Judge Robert Ibarra—named as “Judicial Witnesses” to the Fraud Before the Courts that began in 2005 when Sulla’s client, Cecil Loran Lee (deceased), and his domestic partner, Herbert M. Ritke, extorted Horowitz to pay more for the property than he had contracted. Lee had a history of filing forgeries in the Third Circuit Court, and altered the settlement agreement that Hara drafted to close escrow.

But the attorneys concealed Hara’s file, and his handwriting all over the chain of records that came to light when Horowitz began looking through the case records in August, 2012, in defense against a “defamation” claim brought by attorney Sulla--who commercializes in the "religious" use of hallucingenic drugs, DMT (in "ayahuasca sacriment") and marijuana, plus promotes with his son, the church "priest," space intelligence projects involving NASA, JAXA, GOOGLE, INC, and the CIA.

Sulla sued first to censor journalist Sherri Kane’s news report published on the doctor’s website. The video production shows Sulla illegally conducting a “mock auction” of the doctor’s property to steal it in contempt of Judge Ronald Ibarra’s denials of foreclosure. Later, Sulla transferred the illegal deed from a sham "church" to the shill "buyer," Jason Hester, in violation of Attorney General Hugh R. Jones securities regulations involving charitable organizations. Sulla concealed from the court his own $50,000.00 mortgage interest in the property, evidenced in a "loan" Sulla executed with Hester, recorded with the State's Bureau of Conveyances.

Evidencing a "high level" conspiracy, Sulla’s crimes and Hara’s drafts were grossly neglected by Horowitz’s willfully-blind attorneys, John S. Carroll—a past GOP chairman and recent candidate for governor, and Gary Dubin—America’s leading foreclosure fraud expert who spent 19.5 months in prison for tax evasion.

Horowitz was also damaged by the “willful blindness” of State prosecutors who were aware of Sulla’s criminal actions, but did nothing to stop the title theft that destroyed Horowitz’s family, devastated his healing ministry, and suspended community access to the steam vents and steam saunas on the one-of-a-kind property.

“The Spa” that Horowitz developed features Hawaii’s only lava-heated steam saunas and geothermal bathing pools. Horowitz planned to dedicate another ten acres for a spiritual healing center in collaborations with native Kahunas on the Big Island. The plans included the reconstruction of an ancient Hawaiian temple, and educational facilities promoting natural healing as opposed to risky drug therapies.

The CIA and Google, Inc. Aid-and-Abet Sulla’s Crimes

According to Horowitz's Counterclaim citing thirty (30) causes of action, Sulla’s complicity extends attacks on Horowitz by the pharmaceutical industry working through Google, Inc. and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), both linked repeatedly to attorney Sulla and his son—Sulla, III.

As evidenced in the pleadings, and on the website that Sulla is suing to censor—PaulSullaFraud.com—the two Sullas administer an “Ayahuasca Church” administering a dangerous narcotic called “DMT,” that like LSD, alters consciousness and has been heavily used by the Sullas, with Sulla, III, working with the CIA’s leading parapsychologist, Dr. Stanley Krippner, to promote use of these drugs for a “New World Religion.”

UPDATE: On August 26th, 2014, The judge has dismissed the case where Attorney Sulla has attempted to censor us from publishing the truth about him. See PaulSullaCensured.com for updates and case filings.

Sulla III and Krippner, describes this on the Internet as though preaching salvation through hallucinogenic “journey medicine.” They prescribe these risky and often deadly drugs to put “spiritual content” into the human brain, a "cult" that is viewed as commercially valuable to the drug industry, in competition with traditional organized religions. The scheme promotes and promises increased manufacturing and trafficking in drugs.

In addition to this collaboration with Krippner, attorney Sulla is tied to the suspicious JAXA Holdings, LLC, that disappeared more than $2 million of largely the Sulla’s money over sixteen (16) months to declare bankruptcy, with its name mixed-up with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) allied with NASA and DARPA on military and intelligence projects involving Google, Inc. These include space-based weapons and surveillance systems benefiting investors in the CIA’s financial firm In-Q-Tel, partnered in classified intelligence projects within Google Earth and the Recorded Future database.

Sulla, Jr. and Google, Inc., that is notorious for not blocking much of anything on their web servers, censored Kane’s news report when it was first posted on YouTube—a violation of the journalists’ First and Fourteenth Amendment rights and freedom of the press to report, as an American duty, corruption tainting the judicial and political arms of government.

Alternatively, Google has defeated Kane and Horowitz’s repeated attempts to block obviously obscene false light libel published by “Internet trolls” damaging the journalists and their online businesses. Google has consistently demanded a “court order” from the journalists, but instantly approved Sulla’s objection and “take-down” of Kane's video that evidences multiple felonies. Google and Sulla, Jr. blocked Kane's report without even noticing the journalists, in violation of federal regulations and blocking procedures.

In August, 2011, U.S. Attorneys announced that Google pleaded guilty for selling prescription drugs illegally imported into the U.S. from Canada. The company paid a $500 million fine to keep its officials out of jail and its record "clean."

Critics contend the Google Recorded Future/CIA collaboration threatens to survey, direct, and predict every commercial action that consumers take.

A Hollywood Film in the Making

Sulla was named in a Supereding Indictment by the U.S. Government in 2010 for conspiring with three men to defraud the IRS in a tax scheme involving a sham religious trust that Sulla constructed for Hawaii arms dealer, Arthur Lee Ong. Everyone except Sulla went to jail.

Incredibly, this happened several years after the Supreme Court of Hawaii publicly censured Sulla for arguing like “a reckless man” before the U.S. Tax Court; and after the Supreme Court’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) sanctioned Sulla. they permitted him to continue practicing.

Incredibly, though, when Sulla was indicted in the Ong case, the ODC didn’t blink, even though common sense would have declared him unfit to serve as an "officer of the court."

“The ‘reckless man’ description of Sulla’s behavior by the Tax Court in Takaba v. The United States of America is what Dr. Horowitz and I have witnessed repeatedly by Sulla, whose recklessness in filing and defending forged securities in Court, and multiplying court processes, is akin to the ‘reckless behavior’ commonly seen in bi-polar patients addicted to drugs, which is consistent with Sulla’s history in marijuana advocacy and hallucinogenic drug rituals,” says Kane.

Horowitz’s Attorneys Deliver an Equally Shocking History

The first to set Horowitz up to go down by neglecting Judge Hara’s file was John S. Carroll, the son of a Hawaii governor, who chaired the state’s GOP, and ran for governor in 2011 against Abercrombie. Carroll failed to subpoena Judge Hara, who refused to be deposed, according to Carroll, or even provide an affidavit on Horowitz’s behalf as the attorney who drafted the true certified original mortgage agreement.

Carroll, the Counterclaim evidenced, undermined Horowitz’s entire case and actually directed the jury, along with an impeachable “expert” witness, to decide that Horowitz altered Hara’s drafted Agreement instead of the veteran forger, Sulla's "client" Lee.

To remedy Carroll’s negligence and incompetence, Horowitz commissioned Gary Dubin, whose history is even more “outrageous.”

Dubin served as the campaign “poster boy” forcing California Judge Manuel L Real into “early retirement”--a campaign waged by the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in 2006, Rep. James Sensenbrener (R-Wis.) It was Real (pronounced “Reel”) who convicted Dubin while controlling a trust fund containing more than $50 million of CIA-supported Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos’s money. Real was alleged to be disappearing tens of millions, according to the Los Angeles Times (Aug. 16, 2009). The newspaper article grossly misrepresented Dubin’s alleged persecution.

Dubin was referred by Horowitz’s third attorney, Gary Zamber, who never disclosed he was Sulla’s partner in a suspicious real estate deal at the time Zamber was counseling Horowitz in his defense against Sulla and the forgeries.

Zamber offered to mediate between Carroll and Dubin to file an injunction to block Sulla’s illegal non-judicial foreclosure auction. Dubin refused, writing that Carroll was “incompetent” and “impossible to work with,” and made everyone believe he would file for injunctive relief himself. But he never did.

Later, according to the records, and the journalists’ Counterclaim, Dubin frightened and conned Horowitz into giving his firm a second chance to defeat Sulla’s Eviction Complaint.

Sulla had contrived an easily-defeated Eviction Complaint, directing his “client” Hester, to file the case in the District Court lacking jurisdiction in matters of disputed titles. Sulla conspired with Hester, Lee's fake “nephew,” to file pro se against Horowitz’s ministry—a fraud to financially damage Horowitz maximally since he would need to hire an attorney to represent the non-profit company.

Judge Harry P. Freitas of the Hilo District Court advised the journalists to “fire your attorney” after Dubin and his associate conspired with Sulla to delay dismissing the case as directed by the judge, increasing costs to Horowitz and less so the Court. The attorneys’ fraudulent “Continuance” claimed Sulla was “new to the case” and needed time to study it, even though Dubin and associates knew Sulla directed the filing and was continuously involved in the evolving crimes for years.

Your signing of this petition can help prompt the Supreme Court of Hawaii to do the job they are supposed to be doing to protect the citizens of Hawaii; and also help Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane continue saving lives.

Your signing can help put Sulla in jail where he belongs; and help this model of political action demonstrate how citizens can get corrupt protected attorneys off the streets, out of the courts, and help stop organized crime nationwide operating under color of law in our communities. Sign and help spread this petition!



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