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Here's is my belief that we all have the right to Identify in Society, and Society revolves around online social networks, "Facebook" being the number one used network. Now if we were to change the simple detail of gender selection options to include most to all major gender identities at this point in time. Then we can change how society views Transgender People - reducing the number of violence, hazing/verbal abuse, and deaths of Transgender People World Wide. We need the leader in "online social networks" to be just that and lead the way for this change, because change is coming. This is so the next generation of Trans People don't have to live in fear and confusion. Transgender People are People and want to be treated like everyone else....just human.

After considering all Trans People concerns and feedback I have gotten on this petition am adding in for TRANSSEXUALS the ?TF and ?TM. I have found out that many Transsexuals don't like the Idea of identifying as "trans woman or trans man" because it allocates in with transvestites and crossdressers (personally I don't believe it labels TS's as that but I do understand their feelings on being confused for something they are not because of this broad term "trans" that encompasses transsexuals. I would like also to state that this doesn't me as a transgender or transsexual or genderqueer or intersex has to identify as such. This is so EVERYONE has the option to identify as they choose, and my hope is that is will make the world a better place. Thanks for your time and support on this matter!

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