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We want a full investigation into Andrew Watt's death in France.

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I am Julie, Andrew's mam and I will keep fighting until a full and fair investigation happens. It is over 6 years since Andrew died BUT it is NEVER too late for a full, fair and proper investigation to take place. This investigation has to be carried out with French and British police working together. Our government have to be forced to understand that to ask other countries for help and clarification about the death of a UK citizen abroad can only but earn them respect.

The following is a VERY brief account about the circumstances surrounding Andrew's death.

Andrew Watt was found dead in a country lane in France, 8th September 2010. He was found with large and small bruising and scratches on his legs, neck and torso. He had a dislocated/broken ankle. He was 31 when he died and had told his partner on Monday, 6th September 2010 that he was leaving France and returning home to the UK.

 A year after his death his family found out that he had been missing since at least 4pm on the 7th September 2010. It is thought he died on the 7th. The Doctor at the scene on the 8th stated time of death: 12:30pm, 7th September 2010.

French authorities did not return Andrew's body for 3 months and this was without his heart, brain, liver, lung, tongue and part of his throat. All organs had previously been requested by us through the FCO. When 'organs' were eventually returned in 2011, by 2012 it was confirmed through testing that there was no DNA and therefore we can't be sure that they are Andrews'.

The French Police report October 2010 stated: Suicide, after running away.

French verdict October 2011: death could not be ascertained/no offence.

British Court Inquest verdict June 2015: Open Verdict.

The British Coroner stated that there were discrepancies and sadly it is now down to us - Andrew's family- to gather evidence for the case to be looked at again. 

There are too many unanswered questions for one case. Too many to write down on one page as the reader would be overwhelmed. All requests from the family for a full police investigation with the help of British police have been denied.

PLEASE sign our petition to force an investigation into Andrew's death. We need your help and support.

Too many families who lose a loved-one abroad are just left and told to accept that nothing can be done. THIS IS UNTRUE, UNJUST, UNFAIR AND DENIES US OUR RIGHTS AS HUMAN BEINGS.

Thank you for reading about Andrew's case and our cry for help. Please sign.

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