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StopTaiji dolphin slaughter

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The World Association for Zoos and Aquarium is the world's largest network of zoos and aquariums around the world. Some members of the international aquarium and zoo industry are strongly connected to the Japanese dolphin slaughter, in that they pay top dollar for dolphins deemed suitable for commercial exploitation in dolphin shows and captive dolphin swim programs. In Taiji, live  dolphins have been sold for as much as $150,000. Many whales are slaughtered for food that the people of Taiji and surrounding places dont even eat.

The dolphin massacres in Japan will continue for as long as members of the international dolphin display industry reward the captors with thousands of dollars for animals that are deemed suitable for commercial exploitation in captivity.

Many of the protesters that are over in Taiji right now cop alot from certain nameless groups. Some of the Taiji supporters follow the protesters around daily with cameras to ensure that they dont break any laws or interfere with the slaughter and capture of these beautiful creatures. If they so much as step on a flower they will sent back to their country.



If the international court of justice bans this disgusting practice as they did with the banning of whaling in Antarctica, these beautiful creatures might have a fighting chance.

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