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Protect our Children: Demand the B.C. Government pass Bill M 240, The "Safe Care Act"

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Life and death decisions should not be left up to our children, especially children who are battling addiction. However, in British Columbia that is exactly what is happening. In this province, parents of addicted and at-risk youth have no power or say when it comes to getting care for their children. If children in BC who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol refuse treatment or care, there is nothing parents can do to help their kids.  Other provinces, like Alberta,  have laws in place that allow for parents to step in when their children fail to see they need help with their addiction.  On January 22, 2018, my beautiful daughter, Steffanie Georgina Anne Lawrence, who was only 15, lost her battle with addiction.  Steff was a talented, bright, fearless girl who unfortunately went down the wrong path and started experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Her addiction took hold of her quickly and when her mother and I tried getting her help, we found ourselves lost in a broken system.

If we can create any positive change from our tragedy, it would be to have THE SAFE CARE ACT (Bill M 240) passed by the BC government. This Act would give parents the right to force their children into care, even if it is against the childs' wishes.  We do not want one more family in this province to have to experience the devastating pain of losing a child. We understand the issue of civil rights for children, however, children who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs can not possible be trusted with life and death decisions.


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