Save over 2,000 Malaysian Families and Stop an Unfair Distribution of RM80 million

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1. We plea that the Courts will allow the Auctioneers to conduct the e-Lelong, something they had been doing since 1926. We plea that there shouldn't be a monopoly of the public auction industry and we plea to the public to help the 2,000 Auctioneers whose families relying on them may lose their livelihood.

2. We plea that the distribution of income over RM80 to RM100 million (RM40k to 50k per auctioneer) should not be by the Courts or other third party, especially where there is no open tender. We plea to the public and Malaysian government to save the Auctioneers, a profession that had been existing since 1926, whom successfully served hundred thousands of auction cases with integrity. 

3. We plea to the public to help distressed owners whose property are being auctioned off as their welfare are not best looked after for in the elelong system where it is completely electronic based. There are too many weaknesses in the system which had not been considered and listened to by the courts and it is also a direct violation with public policy and many other laws. 

4. We plea to the financial institutions to support our cause as the implementation of the auction by the courts solely will ultimately result in only a single supply in the market, poor quality of service, less transparency and accountability and more importantly, unable to reap the best sale for both client and financial institutions.  

5. Malaysia is watching as the elections are drawing near. Rakyat are not weak. The court and certain rich parties cannot bully us and throw us out and take over everything just like that. We know you are rushing to add new laws and amend existing acts to make your unlawful exclusivity justified. We hope Datuk Seri Azalina, who is the only kind Minister willing to listen to our plea will help us in our endeavour and fight of justice. We also like to thank other Member of Parliaments especially Mr V. Sivakumar for raising up concerns of Elelong during the 2017 parliament session and we hope more public support would be garnered.

Auctioneers are not against technology and innovation. In fact we had developed hybrid systems including ebidding much earlier than the courts. Innovation of technology is compulsory, only if its done rightfully and just, NOT with exclusivity to certain party. We plea to all Malaysians to support and help us in a cause of equality and justice!


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