Save The Sweetest Pit Bull On Earth

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Help us save Our beloved Pit Bull, Chunk!  He's 4 years old.  He lives in a home with 5 children with zero issues.  Five weeks ago,  the mail lady drove up my 200ft driveway, on to my 5 acre, posted property to deliver a package. She approached the barking, leashed dog and was bitten. He is a pitbull and the court has been biased since the beginning uncooperative and immediately deemed him a dangerous dog. I don't feel justice is being served and would take any opportunity to save my dogs life

The Dog Control Officer insisted he be analyzed by a behaviorist of her choosing who told us, while in our house he was not a dangerous dog. However, when she delivered her report, she recommended euthanasia.

Chunk is not the first victim of this vindictive dog warden and the town.

Please sign this petition and SAVE CHUNK!!