Justice for labrador puppies who were used to smuggle drugs and killed

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Please help us get justice for the Labrador puppies who were brutally murdered and used as part of a drug transporting operation. The dogs were stuffed with heroin and killed by Colombian vet, Andres Lopez Elores. Andres would begin this heinous crime in Columbia, where he would sew packets of liquid heroin into the abdomens of the dogs. The dogs were then transported to the US, where the drugs were surgically removed and the dogs were killed.

This particular incident happened in 2004-2005, but who knows how many times he has committed similar crimes since then. Andres was initially indicted for his crimes in 2005, but fled to Spain. He was finally caught and extradited to the US.

Andres is now facing charges in the Eastern District of New York under Judge Sterling Johnson. Unfortunately, federal prosecutor, Jonathan Lax, said that they are currently in plea negotiations.

Andres does not deserve to get off with a plea. He brutally murdered innocent dogs and used them to smuggle drugs into the United States. He was supposed to be a veterinarian, someone who helps heal animals. Instead, he used his training and license to harm and hurt. Please support us as we petition Judge Sterling Johnson to give Andres the maximum sentence for his crime which is 10 years behind bars!!!