Terminate the Parental Rights of Convicted Child Abusers David England & Ashleigh Adams

Terminate the Parental Rights of Convicted Child Abusers David England & Ashleigh Adams

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James Washington started this petition to Clark County Family Court, Department Y Judge Stephanie Charter

We have all heard the cases of severe child abuse leading to the deaths of children. Almost always, these deaths could have been prevented but the people who should have protected the children did not do enough (or else gave the parents too much benefit of the doubt). WE have a chance to do something NOW to protect two Las Vegas children. Please do your part to protect these children today by signing this petition which asks Judge Stephanie Charter to terminate the parental rights of two convicted felony child abusers.

As reported by Vanessa Murphy of Las Vegas TV station Channel 8 (KLAS), two young children (a boy at age 7 and a girl at age 2) were horrifically abused by their parents, David England & Ashleigh Adams of Las Vegas. The boy had to be hospitalized for his awful injuries after being whipped with an electrical cord. It is important to see the awful injuries inflicted on the child in order to understand the seriousness of this situation. In order to see the photos, please watch the most recent news story about this case (broadcasted on 1/24/22) at: https://www.8newsnow.com/i-team/i-team-parents-trying-to-regain-custody-of-2-children-after-child-abuse-conviction/

After the boy's hospitalization in 2019 for the injuries shown in the photos, the children were immediately removed from their parents' home and have not been back in their custody since. In 2021, both parents pleaded guilty to three counts of felony child abuse. Unfortunately, they were only sentenced to five years of probation because it was their "first offense." The criminal court judge made a huge mistake. Let's do our part to make sure that the family court judge doesn't make a mistake, because these parents cannot be given the opportunity to commit a “second offense.”

How are these two kids still in danger? Because, shockingly, their convicted felon parents are now both fighting to regain custody of their children (the boy is now 10 and the girl is now 5). You would think that it would be automatic that parents convicted of felony child abuse would not be able to then continue raising their children. However, that is not the case. There must be a separate trial in family court to decide this issue.

The legal community talks a lot about parents' rights, which are important, but what about the rights of these children? Shouldn't a child have the right to not be put back in the custody of people who are convicted of severely abusing them and are in fact still serving their punishments for the crimes?

If an adult woman was severely abused by her husband, a judge certainly would not refuse to grant her a divorce and instead order her to return to her husband. The judge would not force her to give her husband a second chance because he said he was "sorry" and got some counseling. Why should these parents get a second chance to abuse their children again? Please help these precious children to "divorce" their parents by asking the family court judge to terminate their parents' rights!

In court, the mother Ashleigh Adams said, “I loved my kids to death.” Unfortunately, dead is what they are likely to become if left in her care. She took an equal part in the abuse as the father, David England. How often do we hear abusers say that they “love” the person they abused? That is NOT love. It isn’t “love” when a husband beats up his wife and it isn’t “love” when a mother and father beat up their young children. 

These poor kids have been living in foster care for over two years while the parents' criminal trial was being decided. That is too long for children to live in limbo. The little girl has been living in foster care for half of her life because her abusers not only tortured her and her brother but are now too selfish to let them go. 

These children need to be freed from their abusers so that they can be adopted by parents who will love and protect them and most importantly, not abuse them. They deserve parents who are not convicted of several felony crimes for abusing them and still serving their punishments for the crimes. They also deserve a community of adults who will stand up for them and help protect them from future violence. We need to be those adults!

The rights of these two babies to be loved and be safe is more important than these parents' right to a "second chance." Some offenses are simply too extreme to be worthy of a second chance. If this level of abuse is not appalling enough to meet that standard, then what is? 

This petition is not about the criminal trial. It is about the trial in family court which decides if these abusers' parental rights should be terminated (or if they should get their kids back). This case is in the process of being decided. Judge Charter has not made up her mind yet. Hopefully, she will listen to Las Vegas residents and other concerned citizens who do not want to see any more children be tortured at the hands of their parents. 

A previous news story about this case (broadcasted on 5/26/21) can be viewed at: https://www.8newsnow.com/i-team/i-team-parents-get-probation-for-abusing-child/

Please sign the petition asking family court Judge Stephanie Charter to terminate David England & Ashleigh Adams' parental rights. If you want to go one step further, please email Judge Stephanie Charter directly at: deptylc@clarkcountycourts.us

Together, WE can help save these children!

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