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Protest that criminals received no prison time for cruel and illegal killing of horses, pigs, and other animals. No graphic pictures included.

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Give proper sentences to people who inhumanely and brutally kill animals and illegally sell their meat!


Three individuals were charged with brutally slaughtering horses, pigs, and other animals - including boiling them alive.  Neighbors complained of screaming animals for years. Finally a nonprofit organization penetrated the group of brutal killers who illegally sold the meat, and videotaped some of the killing and also some of the dead animals. I will not show those pictures here. 

Judge Samantha Schosberg let ALL of the perpetrators off with NO jail time except one who received only 5 months in prison.  He will likely be out in a couple months. 

This brutal killing was going on for years!  Thousands of animals were killed. There were 750 animals on the property when the police busted the place. 

This is from the Broward Palm Beach Times:

"Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Samantha Schosberg Feuer accepted plea deals on behalf of three of the defendants — only one of whom got actual jail time. Edgar Bica, 49, was sentenced to five months in the Palm Beach County Jail, with probation to follow, while Bica's father, Edegar Bica, 83, and Rodobaldo Diaz, 47, both received probation in return for admission of the animal-cruelty charges."

An "admission" wasn't needed - the evidence is clear! This sentence sends the wrong message and sets the whole state of Florida back. Businesses want to locate in forward-thinking, civil states, not ones were brutal illegal killing and selling barely warrants punishment. 

I am not posting the graphic and cruel video, you can find it through Animal Recovery Mission if you wish to see it. 

These are illegal slaughterhouses. Arm has helped shut down 11 in Florida.  They are in areas where government police forces have been afraid to intervene!  These animals suffer cruel inhumane conditions and horrible deaths.  This court case was the chance to send a message to these people - instead they got a slap on the wrist!

Prosecute these brutal, unsanitary slaughter house owners and employees to the fullest extent of the law.  This petition will be sent to the 15th Circuit Court of Florida judges.

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