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Petitioning Judge R. Emanuel, D.A, Senator, Parole Board, & Governor of Louisiana

Wrongly Convicted-Relief for Cleveland Littleton- Set Him Free

Mr. Littleton has been in prison for nearly 25years. For a vendetta between Mr, Littleton and the victim's boyfriend. Mr, Littleton is serving 50 flat years for a crime of Attempted Forcible Rape on a white female. She claims Mr. Littleton came to her home. She allowed him to enter her residence while she was robed in a one piece swimsuit. She claim to have been showing Mr, Littleton the remodeling of her home. She claims Mr, Littleton picked up some leg weights, a jewelry box, and a homemade ship. The victim claims Mr. Littleton then saw and grabbed a hot iron that she was using to iron her work clothes with. He then wrestled her down, dragging her across a wooden floor by the arm. He threw her on a bed and branded her on her buttock with the hot iron and choked her as she tries to scream. She claims he pinned her down with both his knees on her arm the unbuckled his belt, than she claims he chases another white female down the street at 1:27pm with a gun yelling I will kill you b***h in a all white neighborhood. The women Mr. Littleton supposedly chased could not identify him. This is the linch pin, there were no victim bruises, no abraisons or burns on the buttock of the victim from the iron she claims that Mr. Littleton brand her with, no cuts or scratches on her etc. No one saw a blackman chasing a white female with a gun yelling I will kill you b***h. Police investigators questioned the neighbors, which one witness happens to be a retried Sheriff and his wife. All witnesses testified in court that they saw nor heard of such medical attention. She refused to take test stating to police that nothing was wrong with her. By refusing medical attention and forensic testing Mr. Littleton had no chance for forensic evidence to be revealed that would have proven his innocences or evidence on whether or not a physcial struggle even occurred. Forensic testing was done on the items that she claims was touched. Fingerprints were lifted, but Mr. Litleton prints were not found at the residence nor on the the item she claimed he touched in the resident but in stead investigators found someone else's prints. Now can anyone out there tell me who could go through such an ordeal and not have a scratch or a bruise, and refuse medical attention? Something seems fishy. Free Mr, Littleton as he has been falsely accused. Mr Littleton also had witnesses to come forward and testify in court that he was in Houston TX on the date of the incident. But yet he was still found guilty. I am not saying Mr,Littleton was a perfect man. He has been in trouble with the law before on other occasions when he was a teenager, attempted burglary, forgery, and middle graded theft. The District Attorney used his prior conviction to classify him as a habitual offender and wrongfully sentenced him to 50years. I have known Mr. Littleton for many years and he maybe a list of things but he is not a rapist. Mr.Littleton is now 51 years old, we are looking forward to getting married soon. Please pray about this and sign this petition, this could be you or one of your loved ones. This very unfair and he deserves his chance in court. thank you and God Bless.

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  • Judge R. Emanuel, D.A, Senator, Parole Board, & Governor of Louisiana

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