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19 year old convicted of murder in Lapeer County, MI without any evidence

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KC Grondin was a 19 year old young man that was going to college, participated in marching band in high school, was an honor roll student, had NO prior record, and had a great relationship with his family and his wonderful girlfriend. When she was tragically killed in 2011, KC was accused and arrested for the crime. Four years later, he was convicted of 1st degree murder - WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. This case and it's verdict were a travesty of justice. Read the UNDISPUTED FACTS of the CASE below and please sign our petition asking the Lapeer County Circuit Court Judge to overturn the verdict in case - based on the fact that the jury's verdict went directly against the great weight of the evidence presented during the trial. If that isn't possible, we'll be asking him to grant a new trial on the same basis.


  1. DNA analysis proved the male DNA found under the victim's fingernails at the crime scene DIDN'T belong to KC Grondin.
  2. Fingerprint analysis proved that the male fingerprints found at the crime scene DIDN'T belong to KC Grondin.
  3. A debit card that was stolen from the victim at the time of the crime was being used at a Speedway Gas Station in Davison, MI while KC Grondin was proved to be in Lapeer, MI (with multiple witnesses and cell phone triangulation). The photos taken at the Speedway were blurry, but they don't resemble KC Grondin's face or his body type.
  4. 19 year old KC Grondin was refused legal representation while the Michigan State Police interrogated him. This was a direct violation of the Bender Law.
  5. A Michigan State Police Officer was proven to have committed perjury in the KC Grondin case.
  6. The police interrogation was video taped and then used against KC Grondin during the trial. Mysteriously, the last 8 minutes of the video had "technical difficulties" so the jury couldn't hear KC Grondin's repeated statements of innocence. This is a well-known tactic used by the State Police to influence a verdict.
  7. The Lapeer County Sheriff's Department KNOWS KC Grondin is innocent, yet the Michigan State Police immediately refused to investigate further.
  8. During the jury's deliberation, the judge denied the jury access to the documented timelines used during the trial - even though they asked for them to resolve disputes and memory lapses.




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