Reunite Mother sentenced to 15 years in abuser's death with her Children

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In life we often time try and plan our future and make the best choices we can for a great and successful life. Then there are times that many find themselves in situations that they NEVER imagined they'd be in. Situations they may be ashamed to admit and don't know how to get out of. And in those situations they may have to one day make choices to just stay alive.

This is a situation that Janae Carroll has found herself in. One day you're being loved and slowly that loving situation turns into an abusive relationship that you never dreamed you'd be in. Each day you're just trying to survive for you and your children. As a mother, any mother, would do anything to protect/save the lives of their children and themselves.

On September 18, 2017 Janae found herself in another situation that she never imagined. On Thursday, Dec. 26, 2019 she would turn herself in to serve a 15 years sentence. She killed her abuser trying to protect and save her and her children's lives. Janae has 5 children that will suffer from this sentencing. 

The system KNOWS she was being abused but she still received 15 years away from her children, the children she choose to protect. The family wants to shed light on this situation, her situation, ALL abusive relationships, the screwed up justice system that convicts a women for trying to save her and her children's lives but often time lets an abuser go FREE, and getting donations for a better lawyer to start the appeal process. Her family is behind her and much of the city, Greenwood, SC, is as well. 

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