Remove Lincoln's County Sheriff, Bill Beam, From Office.

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Recently, a mother took her 16-year old boy, Hayden Long, to the ER worried for his mental health. Upon arriving, it was clear Hayden was upset and so his mother asked a security if he would escort her son inside the building. The boy was met with a security guard who immediately grabbed him as if he was a criminal, and pushed him to the ground with a taser drawn. A second guard shows up, and after the situation has calmed a bit, tackles Hayden to the ground from his blind side. Now laying in his own blood, he is sat on for five minutes by both guards until Lincoln's County officers arrive.

With the mother hoping the police will mediate the situation. She is stunned when her son is punched in the face twice while handcuffed on a curb by Deputy Justin Polson. After beating the 16-year old seeking mental health care at an ER, the Deputy charges towards the mother to yell in her face. He is then tackled to the ground by a fellow officer.

The video is obvious. But not so obvious to Sheriff Bill Beam. When asked by a reporter if the use of force was appropriate, Beam defends the deputy claiming he only touched the boy once and was "Pushing him back away." When Beam is questioned on the Deputy charging the mother, he once again acts as if he didn't see anything, despite the video evidence being in front of him. Sheriff Beam claims the deputy was NOT brought to the ground by another officer and instead insists he was merely "Reached by the vest and pulled right around the corner," denying the officer never brought him to the ground.

Just days later, Deputy Justin Polson is no longer apart of the Sheriff's department. The Deputy's actions were criminal and inexcusable; but when this sheriff was questioned on a clear case of misconduct, he did nothing but lie. Someone who can lie directly in the face of evidence, should NOT be in any sort of position of power. We ask Chief District Judge of Lincoln County, Larry J. Wilson, to listen to the people, and take action against this maladministration. Help by signing and sharing this petition, North Carolina deserves better.