harsher punishment for Diane and Tom Silbaugh

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There is an active animal abuse case going on right now in Summit County, Ohio.  The trial keeps getting delayed which just means there's more time to educate people on what needs corrected in our judicial system. Diane Silbaugh  has a history of animal cruelty/abuse and fraud charges from 3 counties, Medina, Brimfield, and now Summit. The system is not set up to adequately punish the repeat horror this woman has inflicted on animals that have no other choice but to starve and deteriorate behind her fences. There are now a total of 9 horses, that we know of, that have suffered to death under her and her husbands care, Tom Silbaugh.  Necropsy's were done and it is a proven fact that these once majestic, powerful, and healthy horses starved to death under their 'care'.  Not to mention the obscene neglect in the surviving animals  hooves and ignored wounds.
We need help. Not just with this current case but with the sad state of affairs the judicial system is in in Ohio.  With each of you that sign this petition, you are speaking up against the injustice of it all. From the multiple lives that have been lost, to the ones that need your help now and in the future. The ignorance to Diane's illness is unspeakable. The communities need for safety warrents immediate attention.
This is a petition to ask that animal abusers, especially repeat offenders, receive a harsher sentence, mandatory jail time. The courts need the ability to make a psychiatric evaluation part of the sentencing as it is common knowledge of the undeniable link between an animal abuser and abuse to their fellow persons.  It's to ask that you join us in making it known that people everywhere are appalled and something desperately needs to change.  And the change needs to start today!

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