Dismiss bias case & charges.

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September 12, 2016 8am we, called 911 in order to take him to hospital and convince him to address reoccurring mental issues. Police used our unfortunate situation and charged him for domestic battery. when we opposed such a deceit - they added battery to peace officer. Both charges are total bias. We would like to save our son from injustice and at the same time send strong message toward legislators and public officials: mental health should be considered for what it is a medical condition - not an opportunity for prosecution or harassment. We counting on your support to dismiss that case.

Dear Righteous Public Official,

Please help our son to be released from prejudice made up charges. Parents called for ambulance and was taken to jail. He was not committing any crime and he was not violent. Charges of battery were based on lie of one officer and coercion of hesitant others to stick with a story. Situation is fatally affecting Julius for nine months (9). He is a victim of unfair treatment, lock of training to handle mental health issues and cruelty from police. Prosecutors learned those facts yet knowingly concealed the truth so the case is ongoing instead being dismissed day one! He is at complete stall with his school, work, personal life and effective treatment. He never had chance to start his independent adult life due to being a student and by police constant interference. Events leading to that disastrous outcome happened Monday September 12, 2016 8am - his 21 birthday! Shortly after 8am parents called 911, he had an anxiety attack required medical attention. Instead of ambulance police came brutalized him and charged him for “domestic battery”. His mom opposed that it’s not what happened so additional charge came for “aggravated battery to peace officer”. Police arrived 30 minutes after call was placed, that time he calmed down and got ready to work. Officer called for backup for unjustifiable reason. police was unprovoked yet used excessive force, shoved him onto car, then on the ground, jumped on him, tasered him, shoved on the back of the car, cut of his backpack, placed him into police car. Our elder neighbors were startled. We realized something extremely wrong took place. Police had no intention take him to safety or help at all. They used our tragic situation for vain aggression and harvested case to improve their statistics of “crime fighting”. Parents insisted on transport to hospital, evaluation and placement. He taken to hospital, evaluated only to be coerced by officers “not go for treatment, but home and apologize“ then was ambushed into arrest and charged. Parents are included in that case on Plaintiff side as victims. Hardship came in form of police lies, prosecutors concealment, surveillance, protection order, fees, bail, bogus violations. Please help us correct that travesty. He is loved and supported by family, friends and neighbors. His condition doesn’t justify severity of punishment received. Mental condition is not a reason for prosecution.there is nothing jail or prosecution could teach him or cure him of. Now he needs therapy in peaceful environment. Even during extreme anxieties or psychosis he shouts, scream, pounds on things but never harms anyone – he is in pain and miserable within. That was the sole reason for placing that unfortunate 911 call. We can’t afford to pay top dollars to get him fair treatment. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to clear. Let’s prove it doesn’t make any sense to create artificial criminals! Resources and staff used here are essential to be available somewhere else where many domestic violence victims are not given enough attention. There was We do believe once judge Greenblat will learn the truth he will dismiss the case. Family and friends unsuccessfully tried to inform about situation Cook County employees or officials.



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