Help, change the tethering and confinement laws in Comal County, Texas

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Our community assumes since there is a tethering law in place that pet owners follow the law, and officials enforce it. WRONG! The reality is that the law is not being enforced and there are hundreds of dogs tethered, chained, confined, and ignored 24/7, many without shelter. Make no mistake; if it is cold outside, dogs left outside are suffering. Dog houses can help keep rain off, but unless they are heated, they do little to keep out the cold. Drive around and see for yourself! It is time for our community to take a stand and make real changes to alleviate the suffering. The longer we continue our apathy, the more dogs suffer. Here’s what we needs to happen:  (1) Residents of Comal County need to report violations of the law by contacting Animal Control (2) Animal control needs to issue more citations and enforce the laws and (3) Since many pet owners here have more pets than they can provide food, shelter, and vaccinations/vet car for, Comal County urgently needs a robust, always available, and affordable spay/neuter program backed by a strong ordinance. We must work together to be a voice for innocent animals and prevent suffering by stopping the growing population of tethered pets. Consider if it was YOUR reality to live your life at the end of a chain: you are constantly exposed to the elements , you pant in the summer and shiver in the winter. Your owner believes he has provided you with everything you need: food, water, a dog house, but your life is a lonely, miserable existence. Canines are social creatures by nature, so depriving them of their need to interact with people causes them to become neurotic, anxious, and aggressive. We can do better!
Many states have tethering and confinement laws addressed, but most cities and counties limit the enforcement. Notice that we have signs hanging that say, " $500.00 fine for dogs running loose"…
where is the sign that says $1000.00 fine to owners who chain/confine pets? PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION to help put an end to this inhumane situation and help UNCHAIN CANYON LAKE!
Sunni Patrice Stalbird