Judge James Sicilian Prosecute Malicious Rabbit Killer To The Fullest Extent Of The Law

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Oct 11, 2019  (red links are live)
Patryck Sochocki went to a pet store and purchased a young pet rabbit for $74.00; shortly after he was pulled over by the state police for swerving on the road.  The police found Sochocki high, covered in blood and white fur and a suffering live rabbit was found on the floor in the back seat that was tortured and mutilated.  The rabbits back legs, tail and genitalia were cut off with scissors.

Sochocki purchased this rabbit to torture and dismember it.  Factually, crimes of cruelty to animals are often precursors to crimes of violence and abuse against people Sochock is a Danger To Society.

Sochocki was an honor society member and dean’s list student with UCONN so he clearly knew what he was doing.  Drug use is no excuse for such a heinous act.

Sochocki stood cowardly in court with his head down and pled not guilty to the charges of MALICIOUS WUND/KILL ANIMAL 1ST, a class D Felony and is free on bail.

According to the Journal Inquirer - "Upon purchasing the rabbit Sochocki seemed upset, and banged on the door of the bathroom even after the employee told him it was occupied.  Sochocki then left the store but returned a short time later asking about a rabbit".
All Pets Club pet store (who sells young baby rabbits) appears to have sold Sochocki a pet despite his concerning behavior.  

We the petitioners respectfully request Sochocki be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law on 1/7/2020 for this reprehensible, malicious and cold hearted act causing unconscionable suffering and death of a helpless live pet rabbit.  We also request Sochocki never be allowed to own or work with animals again.  

Connecticut's Animal Cruelty Laws
Malicious or Intentional Cruelty to Animals Under CGS § 53-247(b), it is a class D felony for a first offense, and class C felony for subsequent offenses, to maliciously and intentionally maim, mutilate, torture, wound, or kill an animal.
"Class D felony, punishable by a fine of up to $5,000, imprisonment for up to five years, or both".

Please follow this case and support Desmond’s Army for speaking out on behalf of abused, tortured and killed animals.

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All Pets Club pet store Facebook page has been shut down.

Please share this petition far and wide before the court date on Jan 7th, 2020.

For The Rabbits,
Linda Sue